Performing regular and systematic physical activity has proved to be a very beneficial practice in the prevention, development and recovery of the health at the same time that helps with the personality, discipline and when making decisions in the daily life.

Do you need more convincing reasons to get you moving? Check these 13 ways in which exercise can make you to be healthier and happier.

  1. It tones muscles and keeps in good function tendons and joints.
  2. It regulates the heart rate and helps the heart to work more efficiently (to pump the blood correctly with less beats).
  3. It decreases cholesterol and keeps the arteries clean and flexible (it prevents arteriosclerosis). Therefore, blood can circulate in increased quantity and quicker when the body needs it.
  4. It reduces high blood pressure.
  5. Exercising also improves the respiratory function and the brain oxygenation.
  6. It regulates overweight and increases the calorie burn. That is why it prevents from obesity and from the risk of suffering type 2 Diabetes.
  7. It contributes to eliminate toxins from the organism that makes it in a protection factor against cancer.
  8. It helps to have more energy to face the daily activities.
  9. It reduces the impact of stress on physical and psychological health.
  10. It helps to be more relaxed and to sleep better (especially when it is practiced to the second half of the day: midday or afternoon).
  11. It helps with social relations and the resolution of conflicts, especially with team sports. Amongst the values that are educated in sports like football are social inclusion and cooperation.
  12. It keeps a positive mood due to the endorphin effect. It reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  13. It increases defences against numerous illnesses.



Exercise and physical activity are excellent ways of feeling better, improving your health and having fun. For the majority of healthy adults, the Department of Health and Human Services recommends the following:

-A minimum of 150 minutes of weekly moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity or a combination of moderate and vigorous activity. The patterns suggest distributing the exercise during the week. The examples include running, walking or swimming. Even small quantities of physical exercise help and the accumulated activity during the day adds up to provide benefits for the health.

-Muscle strength exercises for all the main muscle groups at least twice a week. For instance, lifting up free weights, using weight machines or training with the body weight.

We leave you here a video from the Redes TV programme of RTVE where the greatest benefits on our body and brain when exercising are highlighted.

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