My mother is 100 years old and takes the Linaloe, DHA and the Royal Jelly. She eats properly and walks fine. Thanks to the products she has quality of life at her age.


When I went out of Torrecárdenas after the diverticulitis, the doctors told me that I was going to need to take pills for the blood pressure, in fact they gave me one called Captropil. By then I had the blood pressure level at 15 and the lowest at 9,6. I had always had good levels then I decided that as I had already started with the Exialoe products for the diverticula, I would not go to the doctor and I would take the Linaloe, the Munactive 10 juice and the pure Aloe juice, DHA, Vibmax, calmaloe and I also take them for my knee that I had an operation of meniscus in 2016 and my life was being in pain with tramadol, ibuprofen, enantium...etc the Artialoe, cold gel, my tasty shakes and I feel great! Here I send you my blood pressure of right now after having breakfast and taking my Exialoe treatment.


Jaén 17th October 2019. My name is Susana Ruiz Castillo and I knew about Exialoe 4 years ago, through Munactive 10 and it really impressed me the possibility of improving my organism and physic well-being from nutrition and I started to find out little by little how the improvement was real not only for me but also for my family. Problems as degenerative arthrosis , inflammation, headaches, stress, cholesterol and diabetes were not an obstacle anymore to have a normal life and this made me to have more and more interest about how the Orthomolecular Nutrition represented the improvement that we needed at home. This brought me to personally know those that for more than 20 years, dedicate their effort and hope to improve the health and well being of anyone that gets to know Exialoe and it was then when I really found out the great potential that Exialoe has by only sharing with other people its great products and lifestyle could also improve my economy, travelling and to know great people throughout Spain. My insight of well being has completely changed and, for that reason I want to leave record of my experience which I hope it helps others to take the initiative of taking control of their own health and personal growth. Do not hesitate, the least that it can happen is that you improve your physical condition and you feel better each day.


I suffered from second-degree burns due to an allergic reaction to the Augmentine medicine and, thanks to the 95% Gel all the skin of the body regenerated in less than two weeks, without any trace of burn injuries. (Despite the doctors told me that I would have marks, as I literally looked like having escaped from a fire). I strongly recommend you all having this product at home because it is a real miracle of the nature.


Hi my name is Nieves, I’m a cancer patient, in May this year I was diagnosed with cardia cancer with hepatic metastasis, I just wanted to say that in June my BLOOD-COUNT revealed very worrying facts, an important anaemia and very low defences, I was told about the pack with munactive-10 and aloe and I started taking it twice a day, 21 days after I had done new analytics and both my oncologist and I were pleasantly surprised when seeing that this time my BLOOD-COUNTS presented normal results without almost any anaemia and with a large increase of defences, only after 21 days of taking these products, I showed my oncologist the products that I was taking, she informed herself, visited the website and encouraged me to continue taking munactive-10 and aloe vera, she said that she was going to recommend them to more patients, I strongly recommend everyone to try by themselves the good results that can be obtained when consuming these products. Many thanks, greetings.


Three years ago I had a vertebral compression which made the vertebral disc to break (literally) the lumbar vertebrae L3 and L4, with the consequent paralysis, TOTAL immobility and severe pain. After being in the hospital with morphine, steroids, anti-inflammatories, pain killers and more...the only possible solution was to have an operation, for which they had to put me two metal plaques in the lumbar area. If they operation was fine I would lose a lot of mobility and if the operation didn’t go well...wheelchair. So with such a situation and seeing that the situation didn´t improve, after two weeks I radically stopped the treatment that the doctors gave me and I completely trusted in Exialoe, taking all the anti-inflammatory products that we have: artialoe, munactive, aloe juice, cuminaloe, vitamin c, omega 3 and I did it four times a day. After one month, the pain disappeared and I had to learn how to walk, sit down, etc... But thanks to the products, osteopath and a lot of willpower, after 4 months I could have a normal life. It was then when the Vibmax was released and I started taking it because, although I didn’t have pain I still had two vertebras broken (I continued taking Artialoe) and after six months I went to have a radiography done and the vertebras were completely regenerated, as if they had never had any damage. I will never be grateful enough to thanks EXIALOE for these wonderful products and its incredible mission of helping more people each day. THANKS, THANKS AND A THOUSAND THANKS!


My dad who is 48 years old, suffered an ischemic stroke because of a thrombus, that means that one of the arteries that brings blood from the heart to the brain was obstructed which provoked insufficient blood flow of the neural centres which are the ones that direct all the functions of the organism. The cause was stress. Physically it paralysed his right side of the body, sight, speech and he didn´t remember how to read or write, neither parts of his life or childhood. At the third day of being in hospital, he could only swallow liquids, he also started to consume ViBmax, Omega 3, Munactive-10 and the Exialoe shakes, he was basically getting fed of Exialoe products. He stayed in hospital for one month and another month in a specialised centre. His improvement was very evident, after one week more or less he started feeling his leg and moving it, his speech started to improve and his conversations started to make sense. At the third week he started to walk in the hospital without any help. His progress improved and started to have quality of life. After six months his speech was practically correct and he can move his hand, grab objects and drive, he continues with the rehabilitation but is independent. During all this time he has kept taking these four products without a break, his blood tests have improved and the rest of the medical tests show an increased improvement. I hope he will be totally recovered soon and he feels as before..


My testimony is regarding my father Ramón, a great artist and champion. It is referring to the lack of calcium that suffered for months, he takes the Aloe Vera juice, Omega 3 and Artialoe. In his last visit to the traumatologist he commented him that the calcium was perfect. A healthy greeting!


I was suffering from Liche planus due to my nervous emotional state, I was suffering it for six years. I started to take Calmaloe which was wonderful for me, also the 95% Aloe Vera gel and also the Calendula bath gel and other specific creams. I was also taking the Aloe Vera juice and the Inmuno-Aloe 5. In the 5th Success school in Madrid I could wear a dress and show pretty legs and, that even I used to have it all over the body and face!


My experience with LINALOE: I found out that it tastes even better with orange juice than water. I recommend everyone trying it especially for those persons that think it is a bit tasteless with water. I love it, I have to tell you that since I am taking it, my intestine is much better, I want to say thank you to those that form part of this company for their dedication and effort to find the best for our health. A hug.


Hello, I am a distributor since three years ago. I had a tooth decay and also plaque close to the gums, I started to take Antioxi and after one year I noticed that my teeth looked like new without decay or plaque thanks to the Exialoe products, incredible. Regards to everyone.


Hello! We have many testimonies already, both personal and of the team. Personal: we do not take any medicine since the year 2009, we have improved allergy, asthma, dermatitis, chronic tendonitis due to working in the hospitality sector, sciatica, knees, after my husband had an operation of the meniscus, he was working going up and down with the tray after one month and a half! Dermatitis improved with the Exialoe cheapest creams, I did not have to take more pills for the high blood pressure neither for thyroid (I had it under control). My husband has not suffered from cholesterol again. My daughters are better nourished with the shakes. In exam seasons and hard work time they feel 100% of energy and of memory! We have choline and Q10 in our products. There is no better value for price rather than Exialoe! THANKS for everything.


Hi all, my name is Sandra and I have been trying the Exialoe products since the month of July. I am absolutely pleased as I have not only seen the improvement in myself but also in the other members of my family. I have been trying practically all the products among all the family as each one of us had different needs. My mother specifically suffers from osteoporosis and arthrosis at an advanced level, so much that the punctures in the feet were making almost impossible for her to walk as the pain was unbearable. She has been taking “Artialoe” and it has been great, so much that the punctures have disappeared and she can walk much better, she also suffers from diabetes and by taking “Antioxi” the levels have regulated a lot. The truth is that we all have felt the improvement and we are very happy with the products.


My name is ANA and I am 46 years old and I have suffered from FIBROMYALGIA for almost 16 years. Till now, only two people knew about it, my partner and my brother, I had never told because I do not like to speak about sad things or people to feel sorry for me because the people that love me can suffer and those who do not...why losing time...besides people normally criticise what do not know. I have heard about comments about other people that I know that suffer the same and are the kind of: she is crazy, she makes it up, it is just an excuse not to do something, she is lazy, etc...and hearing this is very hard when you are going through it and suffering the same daily, so I decided to shut up. I have never allowed this to affect my job (the last one cleaning a hospital for eight years), so I used to get stuffed of pills, coffee, energetic drinks and vitamins in order to cope with my working day but when I arrived home I did not have energy for anything. When someone told me “you look bad”, “what’s wrong with you?” I used to have ready different answers...+ Nothing, I did not put make up today + I am about to have my period + I am with my period + I have a terrible headache... ANYTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

How can I explain to someone “HEALTHY” that for example, when cleaning my teeth I have pain in my elbow, when speaking on the phone I have to change it to the other hand because I am in constantly pain, but above all the most painful for me is...TO BE HUGGED AND TO HAVE PAIN. I am convinced that this only can be understood by the person that is suffering the same. I have always been very independent, I do not like social media, gossips, pretending, I have never had the need of sharing my life and even less the life of others but my brother has convinced me to tell this experience, I have been thinking about it for a few weeks (I like being anonymous), but I have finally decided to do it for one reason:


I wasn’t expecting to improve, I was fed up of trying things that do not serve for anything apart from taking your money, I had tried things from the chemist, herbalist, natural homemade remedies, I had read about everything...and nothing... I had given up long time ago, I convinced myself that I would never live without pain and tiredness. The 5th of February 2016 (I will never forget that date), my brother appeared at home in my house with a bag with different products and telling me: take this, massage yourself with that...(and I thought...he has been diddled...but he continued)...all is natural...it has no side effects...people say it works...So, as I did not want to be impolite, I first read all what he brought, (because I do not trust in anything and besides I like reading all the prospectus and being informed about everything), and after, I had to promise him that I would take it as I was not going to feel worse. He almost obligated me to take in front of him a vial with a dark liquid that at least it did not taste bad, he told me that I had to take one in the morning and one at night time, I thought...what a silly thing! It is not going to help me at all, I will take one in the morning and that is enough, when leaving he told me: CALL ME AND TELL ME HOW IT IS GOING!

I told to myself...how hard it is going to be for him when I tell him that this is not working and that he has been deceived...But the next morning I got out of bed and when stepping my feet on the floor I did not have pain in my ankles... I had breakfast and I took another vial, I started to do the washing up and the joint of the left hand thumb was also without pain I only had some discomfort, like a tension, I could raise my left hand above the shoulder, I thought, this must be because of the placebo effect...this cannot be possible...The days have passed and I have continued taking the vial daily and at 9th of March, I only have some discomfort in my thumbs, cervical vertebrae and the waist, THE REST IS NOT PAINFUL!, when I bend I do not need to support myself in any piece of furniture to stand up, I can wash the express pot without having pain in the hands, I can crochet, go upstairs, play with my dog, clean, etc...and the best of all...I DO NOT HAVE PAIN IN MY ARMS ANYMORE (incredible the Devil´s Claw). I am still affected by the weather changes but not as before, I can now sleep better as I am not turning in bed because of the pain, I still feel a bit tired but nothing to do as I was before, I am in a better frame of mind!

I still think sometimes that this improvement can be because of the placebo effect and that I can go back at any time because I do not want to be too excited and then to be disappointed but, so far it has not been like that. For that reason I have decided to say all this, because I know that if I share my experience, someone will be able to get better as me and I do like speaking about something happy and positive, I do not normally speak about negative things. If this helps even if it is just to one person, I will feel satisfied and it will have be worthy that everyone knows what happens to me (something that I did not want in any case). To all the people in general that feel like me and even worse, I send you a kiss and a lot of encouragement, I say bye till another improvement to be told. Take courage! THANKS for doing things so well, Exialoe.


I have been taking the Exialoe products for approximately one year. My quality of life has improved in a remarkable way especially with a product that has been on the market for not too long and it is called CALMALOE. I have been suffering from depression, anxiety and insomnia for many years, in fact, I have had to go to the emergency service several times because of this matter, the doctors used to advise me to take a medicine for the insomnia and to rest, and I did for many years, in such way that my life depended on the medication to be able to sleep, but my health was getting worse and my quality of life wasn´t good till the point that my mental abilities were getting worse. But I was in a hard situation, as I took those medicines or I was not able to sleep, till one day that I did something reckless, I stopped taking the medication abruptly, which produced me very heavy anxieties and I continued like that till I found the Exialoe products especially one, CALMALOE, that I have been taking since it was released and now, I can control depression, anxiety and above all, being able to sleep from 7 to 8 hours daily. What I can say about this product is that it has given me better quality of life and I can support my wife as ever before in her work of Independent Distributor of Exialoe. Many thanks to the team that has been able to develop this great product.


Hello, I wanted to tell you about the experience of Paco, he is 50 years old, he was diagnosed with level IV melanoma with metastasis in the liver, he was told that His life expectancy was of six months. I found Exialoe through Elisabet, Paco started to take Munactive-10, Aloe Vera juice and Cuminaloe, even before he started with chemotherapy, he has been taking all these products besides chemotherapy, the thing is that 9 months have passed and Paco has had this week (Nov. 2015) the control CT and I have to say that it has emerged CLEAN of metastasis, in all lung, liver and nodes, all the analytics perfect and the doctor has told him that he is impressed that he neither has the chemotherapy side effects, vomits, headache or hair loss. A THOUSAND THANKS.”


It has been 4 years already since I have been taking the Exialoe products, I had a motorbike accident when I was very young, I broke the femur and this, with the time caused me problems with my back also due to some mistakes in the operation, I had the serious problem during the night like two hours after being in bed, I had to get up because of the pain in my back, I could not bear it, after few months of taking the products I could sleep up to six consecutive hours, after so many years of bad sleep it is still hard for me to sleep more, but in that sense my quality of life has changed a lot. I could not say which of the products has produced the improvement as I use many, the Omega 3, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera juice, cold Gel, Munactive-10, Cuminaloe, the shakes, in fact, I have almost tried all of them, I also have to say that there are some that I do not like but I have people of my team that like the ones that I do not, so it is something personal that it has nothing to do with the product, they are really good products and as a business I have tried many and if we look well at it, it is the best compensation plan that you can have, almost any business can’t explain the compensation plan in 10 minutes and so clear, I am sure that it is both my ideal product as well as my ideal business.


In October 2013 I was diagnosed with a sopharyngeal carcinoma being the biggest of 5cm and the other of 2cm and the rest millimetric around the neck. The treatment was radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the two things alternatively being totally aggressive for the body. This treatment lasted for two months and I was shattered till the point of having an attempt of heart attack. Apart from other unpleasant effects, the skin of the neck was almost raw looking due to so many radiotherapy seasons in such way that I did not have any strength furthermore, as I had chemotherapy I was not being able to get up from bed for a week. During this time I started to take the Exialoe Salud Activa (Active health) pack, which benefited me greatly to be able to relieve the side effects of such an aggressive treatment, in such way that between all my fellows I was the one feeling best, for instance I did not have any temperature, I was never sick, I did not lose my hair and although I could not eat much food and I did not take any powder nor shakes as the others more affected patients had to, some had to be admitted to be tubed in order to be fed. I really recommend that if any person goes through this disease (cancer) take the Exialoe products to strengthen the immune system and cope with the disease with better perspective of success. To this day although I still have four years ahead of check-ups, it can be said that I have overcome it, I am clean.


Hello, I have been a distributor of these great products for four months. I am very happy of having found them for all the incredible things that are providing me. My first experience with them was decisive to fall in love with these products. For my personal situation, two little children, the house and working 70km far from my home, I got to the point that I was with physical exhaustion, with no strength and at the same time very nervous and irritable, by then I had already asked for the distributor kit, I took an appointment to see the family doctor but I did not get an appointment till Wednesday, two days after, there was nothing free before, I even thought of going to an emergency room as I was feeling really bad. I received the kit the next day, so I started trying the products. The shakes were starting to give me strength, I started to feel much better. I went to see the doctor despite I was feeling well to explain to her how bad I had been, she was who diagnosed me that I had suffered from physical exhaustion, I told her how bad I had felt and the symptoms that I had had and that with the shakes I started to feel much better every day and she told me after reading the ingredients, that I should not give up taking them. From then, all my experiences have been pleasant and being able to help others to feel better thanks to these products, has no price. I am pleased and I hope to be around here for many years. Thanks to all my team, to my sponsor that is always there whenever I need her and many thanks to Rafi and of course, to our president for creating all these.


I started to consume the products in 2009 as I was suffering from allergy, dermatitis and my husband was suffering from anaemia and nervous anxiety. I had a shop and every time they were asking me what I was taking to be so good as the business was going from bad to worse. I became a distributor three years ago. Our health improved and I closed the shop last November to fully dedicate to Exialoe. So far, I am paying my debts and above all we enjoy good health and products like no others in the market. We already have strong testimonies of people that were being told by traditional medicine they were going to die and they are back to normal life (arthrosis, fibromyalgias, insomnia, etc). Another with a very hard problem of psoriasis and the client would not leave us, as he says that is very pleasant to have skin. I say thanks for the opportunity of work in a serious company and that each day increases thanks to its products and dedication. Congratulations for all the success obtained and for the ones to come!

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