• 10,00 €

    Anti-Dandruff Lotion, you'll notice results from the second application.

  • 14,00 €

    This shampoo effectively eliminates all dandruff formation, facilitating scalp oxygenation.

  • 15,00 €

    The revitalizing effect of Exialoe's anti-hair loss lotion, with plant placenta, regenerates damaged hair, prolongs the anagen phase, and delays falling. Dermatologically tested.

  • 15,00 €

    Restores beauty to dry and cracked feet. Removes dead cells, regenerates, softens calluses and cuticles, providing hydration, protection, and a pleasant feeling of relief. Size: 100 ml

  • 16,00 €

    ORGANIC - 100% NATURAL - PRESERVATIVE-FREE. Pure organic Argan oil, enriched with 5% Aloe oil, Coenzyme Q-10, and 1% natural Vitamin E. Morocco's liquid gold for body, face, and hair. Suitable for the curly method. More Tips

  • 20,00 €

    Due to its composition, Rosehip Oil and Aloe Vera is a regenerating oil that provides visible results from the first application. Among other benefits, you can achieve the following results with daily application:Restores and regenerates the skin from alterations such as sunspots, acne marks, scars, etc., maintaining a unified facial tone. Delays...

  • 23,00 €

    Compound treatment with shampoo and lotion. From the second application, you will notice the results. Useful in hair irritations, dandruff, flaking, and oiliness, as it provides control over our scalp so that it regulates itself.

  • 30,00 €

    MOISTURIZING REPAIR TREATMENT This cream deeply nourishes, has an anti-psoriatic effect, and acts as a cellular regenerator. You'll notice the results as soon as you apply it!

  • 45,00 €

    This excellent combination of plant extracts acts directly on cellulite (orange peel skin), facilitating its dissolution and providing elasticity to the tissues. With lemon essential oil**

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