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  • How to attract clients: techniques that work (Part 1)

    How to attract clients: techniques that work (Part 1)

    We present the first two techniques to attract customers to your Network Marketing business, they are cold calls and direct messages.Unsolicited calls to potential customers, or cold calls, used to be a favorite technique, but their popularity has waned. And it makes sense because making calls can be a tedious task and a waste of time if the recipients have never heard of us before or seem very interested, but...Leer Más

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    One of the main objectives of the legislation was to set something clear before the amalgam of the protections available (the called solar protection factor or SPF). The SPF is a scale that calculates the level of protection that a cream provides in comparison with the skin when exposed to the sun: for example, if it takes ten minutes for a person to burn his skin without cream, with a factor 15 protection lotion it will take two and a half hours before the skin starts to get red.Leer Más

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