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  • 9,99 €

    Travel size 50 ml. NOW WITH LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL!

  • 10,00 €

    Ideal for treating sore joints, tired legs, muscle contractions, etc. Provides an instant relief with a refreshing sensation. Reduces inflammation and soothes. Useful for bruises, cramps, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, etc. Dermatologically tested.

  • 26,00 €

    The Exialoe Royal Jelly (>4% HDA) contains 1000 mg. of Royal Jelly per blister and 1000 mg. of natural Aloe Vera juice. Its content in fructose gives it a very pleasant taste. It is recommended to take a dose of Royal Jelly in the morning while fasting, during four or five weeks. It is generally recommended to take the Royal Jelly for 20 days before...

  • 45,00 €

    This excellent combination of plant extracts acts directly on cellulite (orange peel skin), facilitating its dissolution and providing elasticity to the tissues. With lemon essential oil**

  • 79,00 €

    ViBmax is a nutritional complement which main ingredient are Klamath Algae. These favour our organism to produce millions of mother cells in the bone marrow, where they are transported to all the organs for their repair and improvement. 90 vegetable capsules

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