Benefits of a healthy diet

Benefits of a healthy diet

Benefits of a healthy diet

What we eat does not only give us the energy to face our daily routine, but it is also a source of health which allows us to grow up and develop, it also affects in the way our organism gets old throughout the years. Therefore, having a healthy diet together with the right lifestyle, it is essential to live fully and doing it for longer.  

What is a healthy diet?

If you want to know if your diet is as healthy as it should be, take note. According with the experts, a healthy diet has low content of saturated fats, cholesterol and sodium and it is rich in fibre and essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6). So, if you frequently consume fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes, dairy products, nuts, some meat, and blue fish, you can say you are having a healthy diet and if not, you better check what you are eating!

Benefits of eating healthy:

- It allows you to have an awakened mind. To carry out its functions, the brain needs determined nutrients in a continuous way therefore, a healthy and organised diet, allows the constant flow of these nutrients and their right functioning.

- It helps you to control the weight. Having a balanced diet with low fat and sugars content, it allows to keep the weight better and keep it stable long term.

- It improves the capacity of answer of your immune system. As the immune system is related with big quantity of nutrients, keeping a proper diet allows it to defend itself in a more efficient way from the external agents and makes it more difficult for the bacteria to act provoking infections.

- It keeps cholesterol and sugar under control. Unbalanced and not so healthy diets increase cholesterol and sugar levels, being dangerous for the cardiovascular health and development of type 2 diabetes. Having a varied, balanced, and compensated diet reduces the possibility of suffering from these diseases in long term.

- Effective to control blood pressure. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help you to reduce problems with blood pressure thanks to the vitamins and minerals as well as the potassium that they have. Besides, people who eat healthy keep themselves active and do not practice toxic habits which considerably reduces the possibility of suffering from it.

- It promotes the balance and the right intestinal transit. If you eat fruit, vegetables, and whole cereals daily, you will not have problems to cover the necessary amount of daily fibre. This, apart from improving the intestinal transit and regulating its balance, reduces the risk of determined diseases such cardiovascular ones or some types of cancer. Remember to consume the right amount!

- It improves the mood. Determined nutrients such as iron, folic acid, some vitamins from the B group or the omega-3 fatty acids can have an influence in our mood. A varied diet provides the necessary amount of these and keeps the balance in our mood as well as a positive attitude.

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