Shiitake is the Japanese name that receives a fungus called Lentinula Edodes, an edible, delicious mushroom and according with numerous studies and clinical trials, with highlighted properties, especially to stimulate the immune system and to help against cancer.

Due to its great properties it can be said that Shiitake helps us with:

  • Cancer treatment: It helps in cases of cancer and tumours since on one side, has an antioxidant effect (it contains Lentinan, Beta-glucan, the Superoxide Dismutase enzyme, Vitamins A, C, E and Selenium) and, on the other side, strengthens the immune system. Cancer patients use it to increase their defences and therefore, are able to reduce the dosage of chemicals in chemotherapy treatments and to protect healthy cells from the harm caused by drugs.
  • Chemotherapy treatments: It has been observed that negative chemotherapy symptomssuch as vomits, sickness or physical exhaustion, decrease after taking complements from Shiitake.
  • Immune system: One of its most interesting properties is its empowering effect on the immune system. For that reason, its applications can be many and very diverse. It can be of good help in viral and bacterial problems as it stimulates our production of interferon, lymphocytes and macrophages. Helping us then, in cases of herpes, flu and colds.
  • Treatment of blood circulation diseases: It helps in cardiovascular diseases as it favours the control of high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood viscosity. This is possible thanks to its contain in Eritadenine and a type of fibre called Chitin.
  • Cholesterol: It is known that its ingestion as a mushroom or supplement can help people to significantly reduce their cholesterol levels and triglycerides as they contain Lentinacine and Chitin.
  • Treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome: It has tonic properties, also, another characteristic is that helps to regulate sugar levels in blood balancing the energy consumption of the body.
  • Treatment of diabetes: Shiitake has the ability to maintain constant the levels of sugar.
  • Anti-ageing: It is an “anti-ageing” food as on one side contains antioxidants and on the other side, favours the appropriate levels of the growth hormone.
  • Digestive: It improves digestion as it has many enzymes, specially pepsin and trypsin.
  • Low in calories: (from 35 to 40 calories for every 100 grams of fresh Shiitakes).
  • The Shiitake fungus contains Ergosterol that is a nutrient that is converted in vitamin D when we take the sun, very important to assimilate Calcium and phosphorus adequately.

As you can see the consumption of this fungus is very beneficial for our health and that of our family, for that in Exialoe we decided to include it among the Munactive-10 ingredients of which we have talked about in other articles. Do you want to improve your physic health and that of your family? Consume Exialoe! and you will achieve it in a short time.

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    Gracias a este producto el jugo puro, mi día a día es perfecto las gracias que de verdad siento no se puede decir con palabras , creo que todo el mundo debería probarlo y cambiaría su calidad de vida.

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