The Guanabana

The guanabana (annona muricata) or also known in some countries as graviola, is a tropical fruit that comes from a tree that has its own name.

It has a delicious sweet-sour taste that has converted it in the principal ingredient of many desserts and sweet preparations, although it has also been used in juices, smoothies and many other healthy drinks.

According to its history, it was cultivated in ancient times by indigenous cultures from Mesoamerica, who benefited from the leaves to the seeds to prevent and treat different diseases.

Nutritional properties of the guanabana

The guanabana is a source of vitamin C, essential nutrient to strengthen the immune system and to prevent diseases.

It also contains significant quantities of vitamins of the B- complex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6) iron, magnesium and potassium.

In lesser amounts provides amino-acids, acetogenins (in its leaves), alkaloids, galactomannan and glycosides.

All these components make it in one of the most powerful anticarcinogenics in the world, in fact, it was found that the extract it is obtained from its leaves and has an effective action by suppressing cancer cells thanks to its cytotoxic effect.

On top of that, it acts as natural digestive process, able to regulate the intestinal flora and to protect the liver.

Guanabana for the immune system

The substances that the guanabana contains help to increase the body’s immunologic answer to decrease the frequency of viral diseases or infections.

This benefit is due to its high content in vitamin C that among other things, it acts as a powerful antioxidant, able to inhibit the free radicals from the air that accelerate the ageing process.

Every 100 grams of the fruit brings 20 of the 60 mg of vitamin C that a person needs each day.

Liver protective  

The regular intake of this fruit is a healthy way of supporting the liver functions and those of the gallbladder.

Its richness in antioxidants favours the cleansing of this organ and helps it in the digestive process of fats so it works in perfect conditions.

It looks after the bones and prevents the osteoporosis

This delicious fruit means a significant source of phosphorus and calcium, essential minerals for the good bone and dental health.

It is recommended for women at menopause stage as it is a great way of protecting the bones before their loss of density that suffer caused by the decreasing amount of estrogens.

Powerful anticarcinogenic

It has been shown, in different ways, that the guanabana contains substances and antioxidant compounds that act in a positive way in the prevention and treatment of different types of cancer.

The extract that is obtained from its leaves could be effective to slow down the growth of malignant cells of 12 different types of cancer including:






It is actually thought that its properties could be much more effective in the fight against cancer in comparison with the traditional treatment of chemotherapy.

Added to all of this side effects have not been found and neither causes harm on healthy cells.

Increases the energies

In order not to turn to commercial energizers and rich in stimulating compounds, it is worthy to keep in mind that the guanabana can be a healthier source of energy.

This is due to its significant contribution of fructose, the natural sweet that fruits contain and that can activate the body both physically and mentally.

It protects the nervous system

Thanks to its high content in vitamins from the B-complex, it is good to improve the blood circulation and to protect the nerves.

The B2 vitamin improves the nervous system function and it also supports the cardiac functions in order to reduce the risk of diseases.

It is impressive the benefit to our health thanks to this fruit, for that reason, Exialoe, in its interest of including the best ingredients in its nutritional products, included the guanabana as one of the main compounds of the Munactive-10. We have many testimonies that confirm the virtues of this great product. We hope that this and the rest of the articles about the compounds of the Munactive-10 are of help to you. Thanks for your trust in Exialoe!

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  • Emelina Zelaya Cano

    Emelina Zelaya Cano 2017-12-05 Reply

    De sabor agradable y mezclado con otras frutas etc, es una fuente de salud natural excelente
    realmente yo la tomo y funciona, se nota ciertamente.
  • milagros

    milagros 2017-03-01 Reply

    Qué interesante las propiedades de la fruta de la guanabana es impresionante sus propiedades,por su alto valor,en cuanto a nuestra salud .La recomiendo comprar y yo seré una de las primeras en comprar por mi bienestar,y mi Salud.

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