We want to present you a series of guidelines that you should keep in mind to be able to distinguish our Aloe Vera juice from others that exist in the market.

-It is specified that is “ALOE VERA BARBADENSIS MILLER”, as this is the only variety of more than 250 different ones that has all the properties and benefits for our organism that the Aloe Vera brings.

- It appears the INDICATIVE 1:1, this means that this juice is 100% pure.

-IT DOES NOT CONTAIN ALOINE. Aloine is the only substance of the Aloe that could cause discomfort or irritations in our organisms when used to ingest.

-COLD STABILISED: To know in which consists this method we should keep in mind that when cutting the leaves of the Aloe plant, this starts to die and the only way to keep its properties untouched and in ideal conditions till the moment of consuming it, it is by applying a stabilisation system in cold. Any other stabilisation process in heat ends with all the properties that Aloe Vera has.

-The WARRANTY SEALS are another important point to recognise a juice of quality. (See in this same blog: http://www.exialoe.es/es/blog/17_sellos-de-calidad.html)

We import the best Aloe Vera of the plantations world of Tampico (Mexico), which guarantees the purity and excellence of our juice.

Consume EXIALOE and see the difference!

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  • Angeles Roy Gaya

    Angeles Roy Gaya 2017-12-09 Reply

    puede tomarse puro o mezclado si se prefiere con agua, zumo o leche vegetal. A mi particularmente me encanta solo y fresquito, me crea adicción, después de las comidas es sensacional para ayudar a la absorción de los alimentos.
  • Jesus Manuel Hernantes Abia

    Jesus Manuel Hernantes Abia 2016-03-29 Reply

    El jugo es concentrado, se puede tomar directamente o se puede o debe mezclar?

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