There are very few companies in the world that have the warranty seals that are related next:

IASC is the International Aloe Science Council that gives the quality certificates that appear in our Aloe Vera products, indicating that has been certified by them.

The objectives sought with this seal are:

To control the quality of the commercialised products, make sure that the packages indicate the right amount of Aloe Vera contained in the product, support and boost scientific research, look for the properties of the plant still unknown, avoid that any company makes use of wrong scientific or hypothetical data in the promotion of their products.

Only those products that overcome its strict controls are rewarded with the IASC seal of the International Aloe Science Council.

Active Aloe is the seal that indicates that the Aloe Vera that we use has been tested and guaranteed as biologically active. That keeps the effectiveness of the plant alive even after being harvested and processed.

This seal guarantees that our Aloe Vera has more than 10% of Polysaccharides Pharmacologically Active.

The polysaccharides have the following properties:

  • Due to their antioxidant effect help against cancer and the growth of tumours.
  • Neutralise the side effects of the chemotherapy and the radiation thanks to its regenerative effect.
  • Protect against gastric ulcers by inhibiting the development of the Helicobacter Pylori.
  • Help to normalise the blood pressure and to balance the level of sugar in blood.
  • They work as anti-inflammatory and analgesic.
  • They balance the immunologic function and have bactericidal, fungicide and antiviral activity.
  • Reduce cholesterol and the levels of fat in blood.
  • Increase the absorption of calcium.

The use of the certified logo of Active Aloe confirms to the consumer that the product contains ACTIVE ALOE. So the consumers recognise the added value when they get these products.

The USDA Organic seal is from North America certified by the United States

Department of Agriculture (USDA). It has the objective of developing, keeping and expanding the products to other countries different to the American market.

Having this seal guarantees that our Aloe Vera possesses the certification of being an organic product.

Founded in 1990 is an independent regulatory and private body that worldly certifies organic products and verifies the regulations of the production and manipulation of them.


Due to all the above, the consumers of Exialoe products can be confident of the excellent quality of the raw material used in the production and in the effectiveness of them. Improve your health and beauty with EXIALOE!

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    Calidad y confianza es lo que transmiten vuestros sellos, gran calidad de Aloe, enhorabuena.
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