Qualities of the Calendula on the skin care and health

Qualities of the Calendula on the skin care and health

Qualities of the Calendula on the skin care and health.

The calendula is a flower of bright orange and yellow colours. It has different active ingredients within its own composition that confer different qualities to it. The flowers are generally used although the leaves can be also used, and the plant is used to create beauty treatments and health supplements both fresh and dry in the same year as its qualities last more than a year, but if they are naturally dried, they would not be profitable.

This happy flower is also denominated as golden button, it has had up till today ornamental, nutritional, and as it has been said, medicinal uses. These uses come from one of its active ingredients, the triterpenes, these have an active anti-inflammatory capacity that reduces aches. Likewise, although we will later mention the qualities of calendula, it is important to know that it also has acetylsalicylic acid, so it contributes to the defense against virus. The products that have calendula extracts are very recommended for people with sensitive skin to other active ingredients and who need more natural and gentle cares.

Which benefits does it have?

This Flower has many qualities and benefits for the body and dermal health.

  1. It is healing and antiseptic. Thanks to its rich content in carotenes and flavonoids, it strengthens the skin, protecting it from external damages and increasing the production of collagen (essential for the skin to recover). It has many uses: for scars, cracked hands and feet, burns, dermal irritations, scratches, eczemas, dry lips, acne, ulcers, or oral herpes, even to heal sores.
  2. It has emollient, calming and softening qualities. Perfect for babies! Thanks to its content in beta-carotene, phytosterols and salicylic acid, it helps to relieve the irritation caused by the nappy (quite common especially in summer).
  3. It is anti-inflammatory. Apart from reducing the inflammation, the calendula is perfect to heal pharyngitis and gingivitis.
  4. It regulates the menstrual cycle! Thanks to the flavonoids (repairers of the blood vessels and of the blood flow) that the flowers have, the calendula prevents and treats the cramps that the menstruation causes in women. Besides, its oil is a good fungicide (a good ally against vaginal candidiasis and other diseases produced by fungus as the athlete´s foot).
  5. It helps with eyestrain. It relieves the symptom of red or tired eyes, due to a high exposure to the mobile, computer screen… It combats conjunctivitis and eye inflammations thanks to its antibacterial and antiviral qualities.
  6. It reduces digestive disorders. It has choleretic effects, this helps to stimulate the exit of the bile to the digestive tract, so it helps with digestion. Drinking calendula tea is a good remedy for those who suffer from gastritis, vomits, indigestion among other disorders.
  7. It works as a facial cleanser. There are products with calendula that are perfect to apply on your face to remove remains of make-up.
  8. It is hydrant. Great for moisturising the skin.

As you can see, we can get endless benefits from the Calendula for both our skin and our health so from Exialoe we highly recommend its use both internally and externally. Don´t miss trying it! 

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