We shed the skin every 28 days. We constantly renovate it and it is calculated that a person produces 100 kg of epidermis cells throughout the life.

This permanent renovation requires of a constant essential nutrient supply for the skin and which lack of it in the diet causes alterations in its growth, regeneration and appearance. Fresh and toned skin is not just a matter of good creams but also of a healthy and adequate nutrition. For that, vitamins, minerals and proteins play an important role. Especially highlighting the Vitamin E.

Vitamin E, essential for the skin

The main benefits of the Vitamin E in our organism are the following:

  • As the main characteristic of the Vitamin E is its antioxidant effect which makes that its action in the skin produces a delay in the ageing of the skin cells.
  • Besides, it helps to block free radicals that act on the deterioration of the skin tissue which at the same time are responsible of the appearance of premature wrinkles and that during summer, due to the sun rays, provoke the appearance of the known sunspots. Being this, one of the main properties why Vitamin E is recommended for the skin.
  • We must not forget that it is also protective against other dangers of the environment such as the contamination, the wind, the intense cold or the oppressive heat, external agents that harm the skin and that favour the deterioration of the epidermis.
  • Another reason why a big quantity of products directed to the epidermis care (solid and liquid creams, masks and facial tonics) have Vitamin E, it is because of its capacity to increase the blood flow, oxygenate and regenerate the tissues, bringing elasticity and reducing the formation of wrinkles.
  • It possesses numerous positive effects to prevent and treat acne as well as possible skin flaking or blemishes.
  • It is very recommended to use it on scars and burns (including those produced by the sun), as you will notice how the spot turns blurred till almost its disappearance, of course, one has to be constant and make the daily applications.
  • Also, if your body tends to form stretch marks, Vitamin E is a beneficial ally to prevent them or to make them disappear.

Therefore, Vitamin E acts in a similar way as the blockers, but with the capacity of penetrating through the epidermis as it was a defender shield, which also helps to deflate the tissues and reduce the scars.

For these reasons, numerous creams, suntan creams and sun protectors include it in their formulas due to its protection of the negative effects of the sun rays, besides benefiting the defences of the skin.

In Exialoe we know about the great importance of this vitamin for the skin, for that reason we include it in all our sun creams and milks as an essential ingredient. If you want to look after your skin throughout the year but, especially in summer when the sun has an adverse effect, do not forget using the solar range and our creams.

Trust in Exialoe and your skin will thank you!

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