The loss of our good habits during the last weeks (or months for the most fortunate ones), have taken their toll and we want to recover our rhythm in every sense.

Among the agents that affect the most to our skin during the summer time, the sun leads without any doubt this list. The UVB radiation is the responsible of solar burns, spots, precancer and skin cancer but the UVA as it is more penetrating destroy the collagen and elastin fibers favouring the ageing of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles.

However, the chlorine, the salt, the humidity, the temperature change also affect the state of our skin, without speaking about the changes that our routine suffers regarding nutrition, sleep, alcohol intake and tobacco use.

The effects of these agents or bad habits can mean different pathologies. For instance, “the dehydration it will mean the flaking, an uneven tan, the increase of wrinkles, spots due to the increase of melanin synthesis, skin with lack of light, and sometimes we see an acne breakout due to the hyperkeratinisation of the hair follicle as a defence mechanism against the sun.”

Despite it could sound as a cliché, establishing a series of habits to detoxify the skin after the summer is the key to recover its natural state.

Get it with these 3 steps:


A must is the daily cleaning of the skin, both day and night. It will guarantee an optimum state of the skin as it eliminates traces of make-up, pollution, excess sebum and prepares it to be treated after.

  • Choose the most suitable one to your needs in our range:
  • Cleaning Milk: Use a cleaning cotton disk to clean your skin and hydrate it at the same time. Ideal for dry skins.
  • Aloe Fresh: Water-based cleansing gel. It cleans, removes make-up, refreshes and looks after your skin in just one step. For all types of skins.


This step is essential as it finishes the cleaning, closes pores, refreshes the skin and prepares it for the further treatment.

Choose the most suitable to your needs in our range:

  • Camomile tonic: Soft and calming effect. Ideal for sensitive skins.
  • Anti-aging face tonic: Its vitamins provide vitality and contribute to avoid the premature ageing.
  • Rose water:Intoxicate your senses of the fantastic smell of the natural fresh roses. Tone and hydrate the skin. It is also very useful to refresh the skin during the day.
  • Face tonic:Astringent tonic especially indicated for greasy skins.


Once the skin is ready is the moment to treat it deeply with your preferred hydrating cream in our range.

Choose the one that best meets your needs in our range:

  • Young or mixed skins: Facial or hydrating cream.
  • Dry skin: Moisturizing plus Aloe and Macadamia nut oil.
  • Normal mature skin: Hydro-nourishing Q10.
  • Argan oil: Serum that provides hydration without greasing or obstructing the pore. Ideal also for skins with imperfections as it is antibacterial and contributes to the regeneration.
  • H&N Caviar cream: This product is of our high range as it contains a high concentrate of specific ingredients for mature skins. It fills from inside the lines caused due to the passage of time, it intensely nourishes, smoothes the skin and illuminates your skin. The results are surprising!
  • Eye and mouth contour with royal jelly: For young skins it hydrates, reduces inflammation and prevents the wrinkle appearance.
  • H&N Caviar contour: This product is of our high range as it contains a high concentrate of specific ingredients for mature skin. It deeply hydrates, fills the lines at the same time that reduces inflammation and smoothes the area.

These are the steps and necessary products for a basic daily routine of hygiene, hydration and toning of the skin.

But for the skin to be perfect it is necessary to do a deeper cleaning every week or every two weeks, depending on the necessity of each skin.

In this way, the skin will never accumulate residues and it will be radiating.


Once a week after cleaning the skin, do an exfoliation which will eliminate the accumulated dirt inside the pore and the rest of dead cells.

All the products that we apply after doing a good exfoliation of the skin will multiply the benefits.

Exialoe Exfoliating gel: With wet skin, apply a small quantity and do a soft massage with circular upward movements. Rinse with abundant water.

Now is the moment to apply the mask which offers our skin hydration and it provides the necessary nutrients to soften the expression lines.

Exialoe Face mask: Mix it with the anti-aging face tonic and apply through the face avoiding the eye contour area. Its pull-off system transforms into a film while it dries to pull it off in once in an easy, simple and clean way.

It’s the moment to prepare your Tea Complex and enjoy this so relaxing moment...
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