Be careful with the distractions in your Multilevel

Be careful with the distractions in your Multilevel

The Biggest Distraction that takes out of the Multilevel system to thousands of people (by Roberto Perez)

I remember my first business presentation of Multilevel Marketing.

I was listening attentively to the speaker for more than an hour. He was very excited speaking about the big business, the great products and the big compensation plan. I was fascinated and ready to enter even without having understood all the details.

As I didn’t understand everything, I finally approached him and asked the speaker,

“How much money are you earning?” a novice I ended up with that question to him...

What do I want to share with this?

I want you to understand that the biggest distraction that takes people out of the multilevel is to be focused on the others rather than in oneself.

Let’s make a brief test...

Answer to yourself, how many times someone has asked you or maybe you have asked...

-How much money are you earning?

-How many have you sponsored?

-Why has that distributor not raised the rank more?

-Why has that distributor not won the competition?

-Why does that distributor not assist to the events anymore?

-Why did that distributor not assist to the convention?

-Why is that distributor not buying the products?

-Why did that distributor change to another company?

-Why has that distributor not bought the tools?

-Why is that distributor copying the tools?

- Why is that distributor trying not to pay in the events?

-Why does that distributor not cooperate in the activities?

-Why that distributor? And why that distributor...?

Wrongly in my beginnings I made all these questions and some more dozens to my leaders and to my group time and again.

In that time I did not see anything bad in asking those details. I simply did it for my stupid curiosity.

It seemed as if I had been converted in a private investigator, getting involved in the personal life and businesses of other people. For that reason I lost a lot of time and money.

My sponsors intelligently answered me:

“Roberto, do not worry for what others do or do not do, it is better to focus yourself in doing it right”.

I was simply so and so novice that I did not understand the message so full of wisdom and delicacy that they were giving to me.

I did not like what my leaders used to answer me till some years after of heavy blows I understood that I was spending a lot of time asking just by pure ignorance.

I learnt that while I was focusing in what others were doing or not, I was losing strength and I was stopping growing.

There is a universal law that says: “Wherever you focus, your energy will flow”. This law is 100% applied to the Multilevel Marketing.

The worst is that without realizing my group was duplicating my silly questions and bad attitudes. My fuzziness, unfocused my group.

Nowadays, I understand that the potential of each person is separate. That is the main reason why some grow and earn more money than others.

So we cannot compare ourselves with others. That will only delay the growth of any person in the business.

If like it happened to me you have that “disease”, my advice is that you overcome that addiction, and you focus on what you have to make your net grow and join your team to work daily.

If you need help, mi book entitled “Multinivel - Como Prospectar y Duplicar MASIVAMENTE “(Multilevel- How to Prospect and Duplicate MASSIVELY), specifically in the Law#8, I will give you the details that you should do daily in order to achieve the financial results in your net.

Remember that we get paid by the volume of products or services that move in your organization, and not for being private investigators, or for becoming involved in the businesses and private life of the others.

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  • Jose Lopez Peso

    Jose Lopez Peso 2017-04-28 Reply

    Efectivamente, nos pagan por los resultados, si somos "buenos" que no lo diga el curriculum, que lo diga el resultado de nuestra acción, que no cobramos ni por opinar ni por pensar, sino por hacer y enseñar a hacer...

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