A new study made by investigators of the Investigation Institute of the Benioff Hospital for Children of the University of California, San Francisco, in United States, shows that a modest intake of 4 extra milligrams of zinc a day in the diet can have a deep and positive impact in the cell health by helping to fight against infections and diseases.

This amount of zinc is equivalent to what biofortified crops as rice and wheat of zinc can add to the diets of vulnerable populations deficient in nutrients. The study, published in the 'American Journal of Clinical Nutrition', was directed for the investigator Janet King, who together with her team, showed that a modest increase in the dietetic zinc decreases the oxidative stress and the harm to the DNA.

“We were pleasantly surprised to see that just with a small increase of zinc in the diet can have an impact so important in how the metabolism is produced in the whole body”, King confirms. “These results present a new strategy to measure the impact of the zinc in the health and reinforce the evidence that food-based interventions can improve deficiencies of micronutrients around the world”, she adds.

Zinc is ubiquitous in the human body and facilitates many functions that are essential to preserve life, with a vital role in keeping the optimal growth during childhood and to ensure a healthy immune system. Zinc also helps to reduce inflammation and the oxidative stress in our body that are associated with the appearance of cardiovascular diseases and chronic cancers.

In a big part of the world, many homes eat white polished rice or highly refined wheat or corn flours that provide energy but do not bring enough essential micronutrients as zinc. Zinc is an essential part of almost 3.000 different proteins and it affects in how these proteins regulate each cell in the body, so without enough zinc the capacity to repair the daily DNA wear can be committed.

In this randomised and controlled study of six weeks of duration, Scientifics measured the impact of the zinc in the human metabolism counting the breaks in the DNA chain. They used the ADN parameter of the damage to examine the influence of a moderate amount of zinc in a healthy life, a novel and different approach of the method commonly used to evaluate zinc in blood or to use the growth delay and morbidity to evaluate the status of the zinc.

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