Stress is one of the contemporary afflictions, a disorder that has appeared in recent times as an answer to the accelerated way of life that is lived today. As we well know, stress can bring us serious complications in our physical and psychological health. For that reason, we bring you some helpful and simple advices to keep away from stress.

Opposite to what many times is thought, stress is a natural “tool” of our organism, its existence is something healthy as it is an instinctive response before a dangerous situation. Is that in which in an emergency situation impulses our body to rapidly react, which implies a big effort for our organism.

The problem with stress starts when these reactions are produced over time, for instance, before problems of the daily life, changing situations, etc.

In these cases, an excess of stress can cause physic symptoms, as the body is working more than the necessary, but there is no possibility of channelling that additional energy properly. That is why one of the first signs of stress is noticed in the state of mind level, with anxiety feelings, fear, worry and tension.

Stress affects health

Not only is our state of mind influenced by stress. Also our physic can present alterations that can affect us for months or years, or even could worsen an existent chronic disease.

Studies carried out in the last years to understand what stress implies in our health have shown that is also a risk factor related with many diseases among them are obesity, heart attacks, gastritis, dermatitis and muscle contractures.

Advices to keep away from stress

When trying to reduce stress there are two things to keep in mind. We could catalogue the first one as the external part, that means, modifying those situations that provoke us stress as for example, a stressful job.

But fundamentally we should work on the internal part as how we handle those situations that provoke stress and that many times we cannot avoid (a redundancy, economic setbacks) or even those that we should not want to avoid (an exam, a moving, getting married).

We leave you with some very simple tips to strengthen ourselves internally and keep away from stress.

  1. To do an aerobic physical activity regularly.
  2. Eating balanced and having a good rest.
  3. Use relaxation techniques.
  4. To strengthen affective bonds with friends and family.
  5. Change the attitude.


Besides, it is very useful to have small goals at the same time, to do things that give us pleasure, trying to be positive, accept those situations that we cannot make change and focus in what it does have a solution.


As a help to fight against stress in Exialoe we have a product that due to its composition is ideal for that, that is, Calmaloe. The combined action of its components (hypericum, lavender, tryptophan, valerian, passionflower, vitamins, Aloe,etc) results to be very effective not only for stress but also for anxiety states and for mild or moderate depressions.


CALMALOE, another Exialoe product that....IMPROVES YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE.



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  • Manuel Troncoso Dominguez

    Manuel Troncoso Dominguez 2017-04-29 Reply

    Genial articulo, gracias por los consejos y sobre todo gracias por fabricar un producto tan necesario para tantas personas. Es un privilegio ser parte de esta empresa.
  • Yolanda Del Rey Alarcon

    Yolanda Del Rey Alarcon 2017-01-25 Reply

    También funciona para dolores menstruales. Cada producto que sacan nos enamora. Gracias.
  • Angelina Simon Soto

    Angelina Simon Soto 2017-01-09 Reply

    El calmaloe no solo ayuda a regular la ansiedad,tambien es muy efectibo en el lumbago. Personalmente lo he sufrido, me quede sin poderme mover y como pude llegue donde lo guardaba. Tome 2 juntas y en una hora desaperecio. E igual tengo testimonio de los vertigos. Es genial, estoy encantada con EXIALOE.

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