How to attract clients: techniques that work (Part 3)

How to attract clients: techniques that work (Part 3)

SEO, from its acronym in English (Search Engine Optimisation), is the practice that consists of combining techniques that improve your results in web search engines. Imagine that you sell office supplies, it would be great if your page appeared first if they typed "buy office supplies" as a search criterion.

We use search engines constantly, especially Google. With SEO, you'll make sure that the content you're creating fits with what people are looking for.

The more optimized your website is, the sooner it will appear in search engines or SERPS( Search Engine Page Ranks). And that's what you want, because it will increase your chances of being seen and having them click on your page many times.

When you try to optimize your website, you try to improve its relevance and authority, because Google values informative content and rewards web pages using the same vocabulary as your target customers and answers questions they may have.

  • Relevance is, simply put, the ability to answer your recipients' questions. If you put related terms at the bottom of the page, for example, it will help you understand what your customers are looking for. Google will give your website a higher grade if you can offer clear answers to its search criteria.
  • Authority is measured by analyzing the number and quality of links from other web pages, which you get by creating relevant content.

Imagine that you sell a wide range of swimming pools. When people think about making such a purchase, they usually consider several options. A blog about the differences between a concrete, fiberglass or vinyl pool could answer some of your questions and, in addition, would help you gain relevance.

Some of your providers may also think that your blog is very useful and put on their pages a link to yours. When a landscaper sees it, for example, he may suggest that you work together. You can write other content to publish on your website and thus allow your visitors to know your work. These links to your website will increase your authority and help you reach new recipients.

Choose to invest in SEO if you want:

  • Achieve consistent results. It will take you a while to appear on the first page of the search engine, but once there, you will enjoy the incessant traffic. 
  • Build a website with authority. It is a reliable source or a website to reach others. An authoritative page will constantly drive traffic to your website and help your business build a reputation until you're popular enough to dominate the market (which is only possible with interesting content in SEO planning). 
  • Increase the value of your website and get more search traffic, because you gain positions in the search engine.



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