The Acai fruit has a large quantity of benefits for the people’s health and the wellbeing. It possesses a high antioxidant effect and important contribution of proteins, minerals and vitamins. Some of the benefits that we can obtain from the intake of Acai:

-Can help us to lose weight

-Strengthens the nervous system

-Protects from stress and anxiety

-Helps with diabetes

-Promotes healthy sleep

-Provides all the essential vitamins

-Suppresses appetite

-Rejuvenates skin

-It has a high level of fibre, prevents from constipation

-Helps to clean and detoxify the body, helps against cancer

-Improves the digestive function

-Strengthens the immune system

-Helps to keep a healthy cardiac function

-Helps to regulate cholesterol

-Improves visual and mental acuity

-Increases sexual desire and performance


Apart from eliminating toxins, Acai rejuvenates skin, reduces cholesterol and is an excellent multivitamin that provides energy during the whole day.

With Acai cardiovascular diseases, as cholesterol, can be prevented and even be combated. The contribution of fibre that Acai has and its high content in good fatty acids avoid that fats get oxidised and may not be absorbed, reducing bad cholesterol.

Some of the nutrients that Acai has as carbohydrates, vitamins, fatty acids, fibre, omega, amino-acids, make that this fruit suppresses the appetite, to reduce the accumulation of body fat, increase energy and daily resistance and boosts the metabolism.

It has proteins, fibres and minerals such as phosphorus, iron, calcium and potassium.

The 16 amino-acids that Acai provides make of this fruit to be recommendable in vegetarian diets and for high performance athletes.

Acai is made up of 40% of fibre. By avoiding sugar blockages, stabilising blood sugar, the Acai fibre keeps balanced the energy levels. In this way, Acai helps to reduce the accumulation of body fat and avoids insulin peaks that may transform in fatty tissue the excess of sugar in blood.

Besides, the high dose of insoluble fibre that Acai has helps to regulate constipation. This fibre, located in the skin of the fruit, helps with the regulation of the metabolism.

Its effect on cancer: In vitro experiments developed by the University of Florida of Gainsville, United States, have found that Acai reduces the proliferation of cancerous cells.

It was also discovered that the Acai extract favoured the apoptosis processes (natural death of the cells) of the human leukaemia cells.

These are just some of the benefits that this great product brings.

Acai is one of the main ingredients of our nutritional product of Exialoe: MUNACTIVE-10.

The combination of the Acai with the rest of the ingredients such as Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Shiitake, Reishi, Aloe Vera,etc. Make of this product a truly gem for the care of our health.

Consume it, recommend it and you will see how your quality of life will improve.


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  • Marcos Lloret

    Marcos Lloret 2016-09-23 Reply

    Hola, decirte que aunque sus frutos son muy parecidos pues son pequeños, redondos y de color morado violáceo, son 2 plantas totalmente diferentes tanto por sus propiedades, como por su origen.
    El açai es el fruto de una palmera denominada "Euterpe Oleracea" que se cultiva en el amazonas brasileño, y tiene unas extraordinarias propiedades nutritivas y como antioxidante que hace que pertenezca al grupo de las superfrutas.
    Mientras que el Grosellero negro es un arbusto frondoso no espinoso, llamado "Ribes Nigrum" de un metro y medio, que tiene su origen en la zona Euro-asiática, y aunque es rico en vitamina C y como antiinflamatorio, no tiene las propiedades del açai.

  • Maria Cristina Galicia Andreu

    Maria Cristina Galicia Andreu 2016-09-05 Reply

    Hola, preguntar si el ACAI es lo mismo que EL GROSELLERERO NEGRO tambien llamado EL ARBUSTO DE LAS MIL VIRTUDES.
    gracias. abrazote para todo el equipazo. cris

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