How many calories are equivalent to 1 kg of weight?

How many calories are equivalent to 1 kg of weight?

1 kilogram of weight is approximately 7,700 calories. End of the blog… But… what's the use of knowing this information? Can we use it to achieve our weight goals in a smart way?

In this blog, we will delve into the importance of knowing that 1 kilogram of weight is approximately 7,700 calories. We'll see how we can use this information in the meals we make and why it's crucial to combine diet with exercise.

Our Nutrition

The amount of calories we need for our daily activities depends on many factors. It depends on whether we are male or female, on our daily activity (a waiter does not consume the same as an office worker) … but to simplify, let's say we need 2000 calories a day. That means to lose just 1 kg of weight, one has to go without eating anything for 4 days! No one finds that reasonable, but then how do we lose weight?

Some opt for crash diets. Suddenly, everyone on social media talks about the orange diet, the yellow one, the green one, protein diets… And it's true that they work, but with a trick that none of us want. If we look at the calculation from before, it's not possible to lose more than 1 kg every 4 days even without eating anything. How do these diets work? Instead of burning just fat, the goal of any diet, crash diets also lead to significant water and muscle mass loss.

An unbalanced diet leads to nutritional deficiencies and health problems. For example, a diet that involves only eating proteins increases cholesterol and triglyceride levels and poses a risk of kidney overload.

These types of diets also cause a rebound effect. Your body suffers from not receiving all the nutrients it needs, which leads to headaches, lack of concentration, depressive states… and the result usually ends up being abandoning the diet and regaining the lost weight.

So, if I want to lose weight, what's the best plan?

The Importance of Long-Term Investment

All important things in life take time. Is it reasonable for those who want to have a baby to want it in 2 weeks? Of course not, we assume that a baby takes 9 months to grow and be born. Physical health is one of the most important things, and it takes time to achieve it.

A balanced diet that includes all the macro and micronutrients we need is what will help us lose weight. All we have to do is reduce portions or calculate the calories we consume. Also, by consuming foods with a satiating effect, we may not even notice the change!

Let's go back to the example of the 2,000 daily calories we need. If we subtract a small amount from those 2,000 calories, 400 calories (this can be achieved by eating less or with healthier foods), in a month we'll lose more than 1.5 kilograms! Not bad at all, but can it be better? How?

The Importance of Combining Diet and Exercise

This is where exercise comes into play. Exercise alone won't make us lose weight but when combined with a balanced diet, they make the best team.

Different exercises burn more or fewer calories. Let's take a simple example: walking. Going for a 1-hour walk at a brisk pace burns about 300 calories. So, if we go for a walk or engage in an activity that burns the same amount of calories every day and combine it with the adjustments to our meals from before, we'll be losing about 3 kilograms per month!

Let's Summarize Briefly

The best diet we can have is a balanced one. By reducing portions a little or replacing unhealthy foods with better ones, we'll get all the nutrients we need, our stomach will work less, and therefore we'll have more energy, our brain, receiving everything it needs, will allow us to be more comfortable.

If we accompany the diet with a little physical activity, we'll strengthen our muscles, making any activity easier, and our brain will produce dopamine, making us feel happier.

So, if we combine a balanced diet and exercise, not only will we lose weight but we'll also be more comfortable and happier than when we weren't doing it. What a difference compared to crash diets! Right? The only "drawback" is that it will take us a little longer, but remember that anything worth it takes time!

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There are many more, we recommend exploring the store and discovering all the options.

Remember to consult with a doctor if you plan to make a long-term dietary change so they can give you personalized advice.

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