Thousands of people enter the Multi-Level Marketing industry with high hopes of earning extra money or achieving financial freedom, but unfortunately few succeed.


Because in order to grow a network of people who consume the products or services you first have to learn how to create or generate "duplication".

How to create duplication?

Duplication starts with creating a good routine or culture...

What do we mean by a culture?

Creating a culture involves establishing a system of working with sound practices so that new people joining your team will follow your example and replicate your ways of working. That way they will learn to do the same and their groups will duplicate them in depth.

1. The culture of constantly making appointments and giving presentations in people's homes (or online).

This will be what starts the momentum and growth in your network. When your distributors see you building the network day in and day out, they will imitate you in that behaviour and you will create the culture and duplication in your business. If you do not make regular presentations, either in-home or electronically, your network will not see the benefits of promoting these meetings and will waste the potential of these meetings.

2. The culture of using the tools at all times.

A common mistake among those starting out in multi-level marketing is that they become the tool and that destroys duplication. What happens is that as a networker gets trained (on the products and business), they start talking and talking about everything they have learnt and that is a trap.

I recommend that even if you become an expert in product knowledge, always use the tools (brochures, videos, audios, website, etc.) to create the culture of using the tools that will keep you duplicating. At Exialoe we have a wealth of resources that we have created over the years that are specifically geared to help you promote your business and train your distributors.

3. Lead the growth of your network by focusing on the business opportunity rather than the products or services.

Why? Because we networkers must quickly capture the attention of our referrals.

The way to do this is by talking about how you are going to solve their problems. The biggest problem people have today, especially with the current crisis, has to do with money. When you talk about how you can help them develop a good business and generate a high income, then they will give you their attention.

Conversely, when you start a conversation by talking about products, people perceive you as a salesperson. Then, the first thought they will have is that you are trying to pressure them to buy a product from you. You will find that many will become defensive and put up a "brick wall" and it will be more difficult to get their attention.

Tip, start your approach with the business, and if the person dismisses you as an income-generating opportunity, then switch and talk to them about products.

4. The culture of following a duplication system that is written down and explained step by step.

Many "team leaders", when they do not have a written step-by-step duplication system, have to resort to growing the group through their personality. This may work initially.

However, what imperceptibly happens is that the people in their group create an invisible dependency and will not be able to duplicate their networks without the active presence of the leader. This can be counterproductive for everyone because the day the leader is not there, the growth of the network will stop.

The benefit of creating a culture of following a replication system will mean that when the leader is not present, the team will follow the replication system and be able to maintain the growth of their networks. Everyone will be able to duplicate properly, including expanding into other cities and countries.

Being a Networker is not like being a salesperson, nor a businessperson. A Networker is a person who decides to develop in network marketing by doing the work of a relationship builder between people. It is a Professional, using and promoting the use of the original tools and building teams.

All these actions together are what guarantees a prosperous and lasting business.

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