According to the World Health Organisation (WHO): "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease"Health is not just a matter of medicines, doctors, and sick people, but also involves many other factors.

The correct and continuous practice of healthy habits greatly benefits our health, nourishes our well-being, and increases our life expectancy by several more years, giving us the possibility of living for about 100 years.

Mainlyhealth is marked by two conditioning factorsthe genetic ones that we receive through genetic inheritance, and some acquired conditioning factors resulting from the practice of healthy habitsdiet, physical exercise, sleep, mental health rules, etc.

También influye sobre nuestro bienestar el medio ambiente que nos rodea.

Healthy habits:

Healthy habits are a series of repetitive actions aimed at preserving and improving personal health. These include:

1. Maintaining a correct diet that provides nutritional balance to the body.

A healthy diet provides the body with sufficient nutrients for the proper functioning of the body's organs and is an effective natural therapy for preventing and curing diseases. In addition, staying hydrated is essential. We need to drink approximately two litres of water to maintain our health.

Hippocrates "Let your medicine be your food and your food be your medicine".

2. Continuous physical exercise and sport

Sedentary lifestyles are the cause of diseases such as heart disease, breast and colon cancer, diabetes, and obesity,

30 minutes of daily physical exercise strengthens our muscles and bones. It strengthens our heart and improves blood circulation. It relaxes our mind and burns the calories needed to avoid obesity.

3. Sustaining a healthy sleep rhythm

It is necessary to sleep well for an adequate number of hours, to rest and generate energy for the performance of the new day's tasks. It is a cause of high blood pressure, heart disease, mental, metabolic, and endocrine diseases.

4. Maintain proper hygienic habits

Paying special attention to personal hygiene is a fundamental aspect of our lives that affects our bodies and our health. Good hygiene habits help us to lead a healthy life and prevent possible illnesses.

Personal hygiene depends on oneself, and self-esteem plays an important role in this case, as it makes the individual more concerned about his or her physical appearance and personal care.

5. Enjoying free time

Managing free time is an important part of healthy habits and lifestyles because of all the benefits it brings to well-being and quality of life. It is necessary to include it in our daily lives and to know how to manage it.

Free time is the space we have to carry out the activities we most enjoy. The management of free time refers to the good use we make of that time; it does not mean wasting it on activities that do not enrich or contribute to our personal growth. The idea is to do those activities that we like, but that contribute to our life and help us to be well.

6. Exercing the mind

Exercise it to help it function properly and prevent cognitive decline and the onset of dementia.

Continuous training of our intellectual faculties with exercises that enhance memory, attention, concentration, and the ability to learn new subjects prevents or at least delays cognitive decline and the onset of dementia.

7. Take measures to improve mental health, such as avoiding stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

It is advisable to relieve the daily nervous tension with creative relaxation techniques, to pursue hobbies such as painting, literature, reading or sports in one's free time and to cultivate friendships, in order to relax and prevent the onset of mental illnesses.

These are just a few habits that we can take into account to lead a healthy life, of course there are more, but the important thing is to be regular in complying with them and our goal of leading a healthy life will have been achieved.

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Book: Anti-ageing with Orthomolecular Nutrition (in Spanish)

Book: Anti-ageing with Orthomolecular Nutrition (in Spanish)

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