It has always been said that we are what we eat but, is this the only factor to keep in mind to enjoy of a good nutrition?

All that we consume goes through the digestive tract to be decomposed, absorbed and transported to the cells and tissues. At the same time, the wastes and toxins are eliminated through the digestive tract for the good function of the organism. Besides, it does not only nurture and clean us but also protects us from external attacks as an 80% of the immune system is inside the digestive tract.

Therefore, it is of great importance that our digestive system works correctly so to enjoy good health.

What is the intestinal flora?

Intestinal “flora” is the totality of microorganisms or bacteria that live in our intestine.

The immune system is a defence shield of our organism. Hence the importance of reinforcing the defences. And one of the most important organs for that purpose is the intestines, which influence a lot in the immune system. The organism waste is eliminated through the intestines, so we should not underestimate their care. And this is precisely where the intestinal flora comes into play.

It includes hundreds of bacterial species that help with the digestive process by making a barrier against harmful substances and potentially harmful microorganisms.

What functions does flora have?

The bacteria of our intestinal flora are very beneficial for our organism as it performs essential functions for our health and well being. Some of the most important functions are:

  • → Acts as defence of our body:
    • + Reinforces our defences against bacteria and viruses.
    • + Protection against diarrhoeas because of antibiotic treatments.
    • + Protection against others disease.
  • → Correct function of our digestive system: Symptoms relieve of constipation, favouring the intestinal transit.
  • → Helps in the production of vitamins such as B and K, amino acids, providing energy, necessary for the functioning of our organism.
  • → It facilitates the correct absorption of minerals as calcium, iron and magnesium.

What consequences does the alteration of the flora have?

The alteration in ours intestinal flora maybe a reason for development of some diseases and the intestinal disordes such as:

  • → Constipation
  • → Diarrhoea
  • → Infections
  • → Weakness of the immune system
  • → Swollen stomach
  • → Gases
  • → Allergy symtomps

How to restore the flora?

The maintenance of the intestinal flora depends on an adequate diet and a healthy life style. Besides, incorporating probiotics and prebiotics to your life habits is a preventive measure that helps to improve, restore and maintain the composition of our intestinal flora.

What is a probiotic?

They are live microorganisms that administered in adequate amounts, improve our intestinal flora bringing benefits to our health.

What is a prebiotic?

They are a type of fibre that stimulates the growth of the intestinal flora. Also, they are the food of the probiotic.

The use of prebiotics and probiotics present general benefits for the health of those who consume them, for example:

  • → They support in the treatment of diarrhoeas
  • → Act as anti-infective protectors
  • → Reinforce ours defenses
  • → They prevent the colonization of harmful bacteria
  • → Improve the digestive function in cases of constipation, flatulence and gastroenteritis
  • → Decrease the risk of digestive diseases

A healthy intestinal flora depends on the immune system balance and is for that, that is essential its care and prevention. Among the risk factors are stress, malnutrition, irritable bowel syndrome and antibiotics and antibacterial, which abuse or frequent use is potentially dangerous.

In all these cases, it is important to enrich the diet with food supplements fibre based. In Exialoe we have a powerful ally for our intestinal flora: LINALOE.

LINALOE is a nutritional complement in powder that results from the balanced and synergetic combination of beneficial fibres, natural plants, vegetal enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics that accompanied with Aloe Vera make of this preparation the best ally for your general health as its effect as purifying and detoxifying, natural regenerative and regulatory of the bowel transit will cause numerous benefits to our organism. We have many testimonies that prove it.

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  • Paloma Ramirez Ruiz

    Paloma Ramirez Ruiz 2017-11-18 Reply

    como y cuando se toma , no veo ninguna referencia al respecto.
    • C Prueba Exialoe

      C Prueba Exialoe 2017-11-21 Reply

      5 gr. Por toma que equivale a 2 cucharaditas rasas en 200-250 ml en agua del tiempo. Se recomienda usar 1 o 2 veces al día.
  • Vesela Dimitrova Karakasheva

    Vesela Dimitrova Karakasheva 2017-11-05 Reply

    Es un poco complicado de deluirlo,pues se pone espeso super rapido teniendo en cuenta que el agua debe de ser templada y aun asi es bastante dificil
  • Maria Auxiliadora Molina Rodriguez

    Maria Auxiliadora Molina Rodriguez 2017-10-18 Reply

    Cómo sé debe tomar?
    • C Prueba Exialoe

      C Prueba Exialoe 2017-11-21 Reply

      5 gr. Por toma que equivale a 2 cucharaditas rasas en 200-250 ml en agua del tiempo. Se recomienda usar 1 o 2 veces al día.

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