What does this fruit make it so special?

Pomegranate stands out for its powerful medicinal properties, which are mainly due to its content in two unique substances:

  • Punicalagins: very powerful antioxidants that are present on the skin and in the juice of the pomegranate.
  • Punicalagin acid: a type of linoleic acid combined that is obtained from the oil of the seeds (arils) of the pomegranate.
  1. Blood pressure

There are scientific evidences that have shown the effectiveness of the pomegranate juice when decreasing blood pressure, especially systolic blood pressure, in hypertensive patients.

It was observed in one study, an important decrease of the blood pressure after taking 150 ml of pomegranate juice a day for two weeks (1).

  1. Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is the cause of diseases as diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer and cardiovascular diseases.

The punicalagins present in the pomegranate have an important anti-inflammatory effect and can considerably decrease the anti-inflammatory activity.

In fact, it has been confirmed that the intake of pomegranates can reduce inflammation of the digestive system as well as the markers of C-reactive protein and interleukin-6. (2)

  1. Cholesterol levels

Thanks to its content in puninic acid, the intake of pomegranates can be really beneficial to combat cardiovascular diseases.

Different studies have found out that both the pomegranate juice and also the oil of the pomegranate seeds can decrease the LDL cholesterol and triglycerides levels in blood.

Besides, it has also been observed an improvement in the proportion of triglycerides and HDL cholesterol.

But there is even more:

Studies made in animals and humans have revealed that the juice of the pomegranate can also protect the LDL cholesterol particles from the oxidative damage (3).

  1. Infections caused by bacteria and fungus

Infections caused by fungus and bacteria are very common and pomegranate can help to combat them.

The vegetable compounds found in the pomegranate have antibacterial and antifungal properties able to protect against different bacteria and fungus, for example:

-The Candida albicans yeast.

-Different oral bacteria that cause gum diseases: periodontitis, gingivitis or stomatitis (4).

5. Physical performance

In a study, taking a gram of pomegranate extract 30 minutes before starting to exercise considerably improved the blood flow (5)

This delayed the onset of fatigue and, consequently, increased the physical performance.

How is this possible?

Pomegranate has a high nitrate content, substances with positive effects in the circulatory system and in the physical performance.

  1. Prostate cancer

Different studies have confirmed the effectiveness of the intake of pomegranate juice or extract in the treatment of prostate cancer and the prevention of death for this cancer (6).

According with numerous investigations, consuming pomegranate extract can slow down the reproduction of cancerous cells and cause apoptosis that means cell death.

  1. Erectile dysfunction

Drinking pomegranate juice has been associated with a decreasing of the symptoms that provoke erectile dysfunction (7).

More investigations regarding this matter are required but everything suggests that pomegranate can have positive effects in blood flow of the erectile tissue, helping then to improve this problem.

  1. Arthritis

Arthritis is a very common disease characterized by the inflammation of the joints.

As pomegranate is a powerful anti-inflammatory can be effective when treating arthritis.

Besides, different laboratory studies have shown that pomegranate extract can block a type of enzymes responsible of harming the joints in patients that suffer from osteoarthritis.

However, more investigations are needed in this regard to confirm the effects in the human body.

  1. Memory

There are some studies about the capacity of the pomegranate to improve the memory of elderly people and to prevent memory shortfalls in people that have just gone through an operation (8).

Likewise, studies in mice indicate that the intake of pomegranate can also prevent from Alzheimer.

In conclusion:

On its own, in juice or even in salad, pomegranate is a delicious fruit full of benefits that will help you to prevent all type of diseases. If you are a sporty person, eating pomegranate before starting with your exercise will considerably improve your physical performance.

As you know, pomegranate is another ingredient of the Muncative-10, we have already considered some of its components and we still have some more to explain, but you can already have an idea of the great final product that we have in Exialoe an how beneficial it is for your health. We hope this article has been of help for everyone.






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