• 39,00 €

    LINALOE is a nutritional complement in powder consisting of a balanced and synergic mix of beneficial fibres, natural plants, plant enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics that together with Aloe Vera make of it an excellent ally for the general health. Size 250gr

  • 46,00 €

    Vitalove is a food supplement with Vitamin C, zinc, and plant extracts such as Damiana and Muira Puama that help to enjoy better sexual relations or the Maca that increases sexual desire. Indicated for both men and women. VITALOVE: Love the vita!

  • 63,00 €

    60 Soft Capsules Food supplement made from deodorized oily fish, rich in essential Omega 3 fatty acids. In the same way that calcium is essential for the formation of strong bones, DHA guarantees that brain, eyes and heart cells and other parts of the nervous system develop and function correctly throughout all the stages of the life. We get the...

  • 78,00 €

    ViBmax is a nutritional complement which main ingredient are Klamath Algae. These favour our organism to produce millions of mother cells in the bone marrow, where they are transported to all the organs for their repair and improvement. 90 vegetable capsules

  • 132,00 €

    Composed by: Munactive-10 of 1000 ml + Cuminaloe + Aloe Vera juice of 1000 ml. GIFT: Munactive-10 of 250 ml and a presentation box.

  • 150,00 €

    Compuesto por: - 1 Artialoe, 20 sticks of 20ml- 1 Prote Energy, forest berries 600g- 1 Vitalove, 60 capsules- 1 Cuminaloe, 60 capsules REGALO: - 1 Sport warming Massage, 250ml- 1 Aloe Essence Man nº7, solid 50ml

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