Fresh Royal Jelly

Why? Because the Exialoe Royal Jelly is dissolved in natural Aloe Vera juice of the highest quality. Also contains a vitamin complex as are the vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Folic Acid, Biotin, B12, C, E and Choline. Taking a daily blister (after 40 in a row must do a break of 1 month) we are strengthening the immune system, providing energy and well-being to our body naturally. It is a veritable cocktail of health in the form of Royal Jelly with a pleasant taste.

Immune Aloe-5

Why? Because the base or support of the active ingredients is the pure Aloe Vera Juice of Exialoe, whose therapeutic properties are magnificent. On this basis of Aloe juice we incorporate Echinacea, Propolis, Royal Jelly and Vitamin C. The combination of these 5 nutrients acts in synergy to protect, control and counteract infectious processes of the upper respiratory tract, genitourinary infections and gastrointestinal infectious processes. Therefore it is highly recommended when having low defenses.

Exialoe Energy and Ginkgo Energy shakes

Why? For its large supply of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids. Whey proteins (lactalbumin) -much more bioavailable and digestive than the casein- are obtained by ultrafiltration of milk whey, being very well assimilated by all kinds of people. Its 25 vitamins, minerals and amino acids are optimal for carrying out the proper functioning of the vital organs of our body. The Exialoe Energy contain fructose and the Ginkgo Energy contain maltodextrins from corn providing a pleasant taste. Do not contain sweeteners, preservatives or other artificial ingredients.


Why? For its six ingredients (pure Exialoe Aloe Vera Juice, concentrated cranberry juice, concentrated bilberry juice, lutein, sodium selenite, zinc gluconate) combined in a balanced way that act synergistically to eliminate toxins leaving the way clear for the proper functioning of the immune system. In addition it acts for the protection and control of:

  • Pathologies associated with diabetes mellitus.
  • Retinopathies, prevention of cataracts and macular degeneration.
  • Venous disorders (varicose veins, hemorrhoids).
  • Reduce the ability of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori of living in the stomach and cause ulcers.
  • Prevents urinary tract infections.
  • Antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal.
  • Antioxidant, purifying and anti-ageing therapy.

Vitamin C

Why is it so necessary?

Investigations carried out in the 20th century have proved that vitamin C is effective in:

  • Muscles: For muscle contraction is necessary as a co-factor for the organism to synthesize carnitine from lysine. Thanks to this process in which contributes vitamin C, we avoid heart failure. The elders that are deficient in vitamin C have great muscular weakness, but if they take a daily dose of vitamin C increases carnitine and they gain strength.
  • Sport: 1 g. of vitamin C decreases the heart rate 7 to 10 beats. This results in greater functional capacity and better cardiac economy, i.e., there is greater capacity to distribute nutrients and oxygen with a lower energy expenditure.
  • Heart: Several studies have shown that helps to repair injured myocardium.
  • Circulation: Lowers cholesterol, preventing atheromatous plaques. Strengthens the vascular and capillary endothelium. Decreases the risk of coagulation and thrombosis. It has an antihemorrhagic action. It is helpful in treating vascular spiders and broken capillaries.
  • Cholesterol: Studies made in people with high cholesterol level have shown that the daily intake of 1 g. over 4 weeks reduces that level. In contrast, the deficiency of vitamin C is a factor in the increase of cardiorespiratory diseases.
  • Immunity: Vitamin C exerts an anti-infective and anti-toxic action on chemical poisons and bacterial toxins, consequently increases the defenses and balances the immune system. It also generates the production of IgM, antibodies of the first line of defense. The use of vitamin C is important in infectious diseases, viral diseases, colds, allergies, malaria, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cancer, AIDS, etc.
  • Cancer: There is a connection between lower vitamin C consumption and a higher incidence of cancer. The person with cancer has a very high need of vitamin C. The vitamin C level is a determining factor in the development of resistance against carcinogens, detoxifies and inhibits its action. It helps collagen in its action of encapsulating the tumor. Several studies confirm that high doses of vitamin C succeed in increasing the length and quality of life of terminal patients, in addition to the spectacular decrease of pain, requiring fewer analgesic drugs.ç
  • Detoxifying and anti-pollution: Its action is produced neutralizing toxics by an intra hepatic action, excreting toxics by the kidney and preventing oxidative damage caused by free radicals.
  • Protects from toxic metals, helps eliminate lead by the renal route, protects from the toxicity of insecticides and from the negative effects of tobacco and alcohol.
  • Protects from the side effects of medicines, its basic action is due to the stimulation of the liver detoxification systems. Must be considered that the majority of drugs increase the need of vitamin C.
  • Antioxidant: Avoids the oxidation of the polyunsaturated fatty acids in cell membranes. Neutralizes free radicals, which helps not aging prematurely.

These products raise defenses by strengthening the immune system to cope with colds, catarrhs and flu. They also help students in their educational stage not only in the defenses, but also in their mental activity (eg. Shakes, Royal Jelly).

Use Exialoe products and your health will improve!

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  • María Fabiola

    María Fabiola 15/04/2020 Reply

    Excelentes productos los recomiendo. El munactive junto con el Aloe mata bacterias y parásitos. Y acaba con grasas . Te limpia súper ese sistema digestivo. Y el shampoo y el jabón. Y las cremas
  • Juana Mª Perez Delgado

    Juana Mª Perez Delgado 26/02/2020 Reply

    Yo también me alimento con productos de exialoe soy distribuidora independiente de los productos y confío en ellos
  • Alicia López

    Alicia López 17/11/2017 Reply

    Es lo mejor para el sistema inmunológico
  • Isabel Quiñonero Gazquez

    Isabel Quiñonero Gazquez 07/11/2016 Reply

    Son los mejores q he conocido,estoy fenomenal con exialoe
  • Petri Acero Avis

    Petri Acero Avis 06/12/2015 Reply

    Totalmente de acuerdo. Llevo 4 años sin resfriados.
  • Lucia Rodriguez Garcia

    Lucia Rodriguez Garcia 01/12/2015 Reply

    Es lo mejor mis niñas hace ya 2 años que no se han tomado ni un antibiotico
  • Monica Duran Muñoz

    Monica Duran Muñoz 21/09/2015 Reply

    Di adiós a los resfriados
  • Monica Duran Muñoz

    Monica Duran Muñoz 21/09/2015 Reply

    Los mejores productos para combatir el frío invierno que se avecina

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