IFOS, or International Fish Oil Standards, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the assessment and certification of the quality of fish oil supplements. IFOS was founded in 2003 and has members from around the world, including producers, processors, researchers, and consumers of fish oil supplements.

IFOS has developed a quality standard for fish oil supplements, known as the "IFOS Omega-3 Index". This standard sets the minimum requirements that fish oil supplements must meet to be certified by IFOS.

The requirements of the IFOS Omega-3 Index include:

- The product complies with the active ingredients specified on the labeling

- The product has a concentration of over 60% EPA and DHA per gram of product.

- The product has PCB levels below 50% according to WHO and CRN standards.

- The product has oxidation levels below 75%, ensuring product stability.

- It has negligible levels of heavy metals and contaminants. Since the WHO warns of the danger of mercury, cadmium, arsenic, and lead to our health, which can be present in fish.

Fish oil supplements certified by IFOS are rated on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Products with 5 stars are of the highest quality and meet all the requirements set by IFOS.

At Exialoe, we have the 5-star certification.

If you are interested in purchasing high-quality fish oil supplements, look for products with the IFOS seal.

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