I have had many problems in the digestive system: stomach, small peptic ulcers. Sleeping disorders, anxiety, stress during many years. High blood pressure, hypothyroidism. I would not get better with anything. I took medication for everything and one day I realised that I was intoxicated as I had spots in my breast and back. I had dark undereye circles and strong stomach pain. I met with Yolanda and she told me that I should start taking the Pack Salud (Health Pack) and I didn´t have to say no.

That same day I became a distributor and I started to take the Pack Salud (Health Pack). I had already taken the Aloe Vera juice and the Munactive-10 and I noticed the relief.

From that moment, till this day, all are joys. All my diseases have improved, including the blood pressure and weight. My mood is more positive. I am happy and calm giving thanks each day of having found the Exialoe products. I also love the team and the companionship that we enjoy and the positivity that can be breath here. The optimism is contagious and can be reflected on your face besides the health on the skin. We have less wrinkles and our health improves day by day.


Twelve years ago, I had an operation of breast cancer, after the operation a good friend signed me up as a Distributor.

I went through very bad years, after the chemotherapy and radiotherapy I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, the doctor prescribed me antidepressants, pain killers, all really bad. From the laboratory told me to contact with the Doctor Gampell who treated me wonderfully and encouraged me to take the products (Aloe Vera juice, Vitamin C, Omegas, Royal Jelly). To this day after six years of all this, I do not take any medication at all, I do not know what fibromyalgia is nor a pain. Recently, I have had the case of my sister who is 43 years old, she’s been with Lupus since she was 14, with cortisone, lots of medication, at the end of a presentation made by Jose Lorenzo in Barcelona, we had her corresponding check up visit and besides Lupus she was diagnosed with a fibroid in the uterus of 8 cm. She started to take the “Health Pack” (Pack Salud) the 13th of June, in the morning and at night time, plus the Omegas 3 and 6. Last 24th of October when she had tests done again and an ultrasound in the uterus, the doctor was amazed. The fibroid had been reduced to 2 cm and in the visit of December the doctor says that she does not need to take cortisone after 29 years. All the markers were practically levelled. She keeps taking the “Health Pack” (Pack Salud), the Omegas 3 and 6 and now she has added another product that is not ours “Reishi”, so we will see in December the final result.


I suffer from a prostate tumour diagnosed in grade 6 at the beginning besides, I have eczemas in the skin (throughout the body). Stress, lung problems (Silicosis because of working in the mines and talc factories in France).

I started the chemotherapy treatment in injections every (?) months and radiotherapy of 30 sessions in a month, because of all that, I started to have side effects such as hair discolouration, pale face, little discomforts, tiredness, all these during the treatment.

I arrived in Almeria in September 2013 and my daughter Carmen Martínez saw me, Exialoe distributor, she was scared especially when seeing how my face looked like. She already had prepared for me the “PACK SALUD” (Health Pack) and that same day she gave me a shot to try, as she relies so much in these products and she knows their results beforehand, so beneficial for the organism.

She told me: “Dad, you are going to take this, that is very good and is going to help you.” I was a bit reluctant to take it at the beginning as I did not know it and I could not imagine the results that I would have later on, but my daughter told me: “Dad, do you rely on me?” and I replied: “Of course, I do.” “So you take it.” When I tried it I liked it, as it tasted very well, I was convinced and I continued taking it.

Besides Munactive-10, Aloe Vera juice, I take the Cuminaloe (Helath Pack) completely. Also Artialoe as I am already 77 years old I have some discomfort in my knees and the bones are giving me some problems, I also suffered an accident some years ago, a car run me over and I hurt the radius-ulna, tibia-fibula, in fact, I have inserted pins in my arm that they didn´t take them out. They took out the ones in my knee.

The first markers were excellent, the tumour had been considerably reduced to a reduced grade. My oncologist is informed about everything, he knows all that I take. The second and third markers were even better, they have taken the chemotherapy injection, the radiotherapy and the medication that I was taking as treatment. Furthermore, my oncologist told me not to leave what I was taking as it was being very good for me. He does not want to see me till half 2015. After a year of treatment, they have reduced the radiotherapy sessions, the chemotherapy injections that were administered to me every now and then and such medication. I feel over the moon, my family happy, and my daughter even happier, my quality of life is really good and I say thanks to God for getting to know the EXIALOE products. I also try to have an alkaline diet, although sometimes I cheat, and my daughter tells me off.

Thanks to the determination, the effort of my family and daughter and to myself I have quality of life and above all, health.


I am an Exialoe distributor since some months ago and my intention is this to be my final job. I have all the freedom I need, and products that have me fully hooked up and each day more. It is a pleasure to find and to experiment in oneself how all those properties and applications that I read the Aloe Vera has, become true day by day. For sure, it is not an exaggeration neither misleading marketing techniques to sell, absolutely not. I have personal experiences and of my close family with the 95% Gel before cold sores, athlete’s foot (fungi), conjunctivitis, small wounds, eczemas, burns, diaper rash, etc and it is amazing to see that it really works. The Aloe Vera is simply great, I have to be grateful to Exialoe for the opportunity that is giving me to enjoy both its benefits in my health as well as in my economic health. Thanks Exialoe.


Hello, I am a distributor since two months ago, my experience, how not, is very positive for me and for those around me, I suffer from chronic hives since seven months ago and since then I have been taking antihistamines every day in the morning and at night time, I started to take MUNACTIVE-10 each day , the horrible itchiness disappeared and the inflammation that produced to me, I only take pills from time to time (1 a day and per week), so as you can see I can bear it much longer without the medication, the CALENDULA GEL also helps me a lot to relieve the itchiness, another experience that I would like to highlight is about the EYE CONTOUR GEL, I started to use it and the following week a wart that I had on the eyelid for some years fell, also with the RELAX COLD GEL I have been able to finish with a lumbar contracture without the need of taking medicines, I also use other very effective products for the skin especially the PURE GEL WITH RETINOL at night time, both my husband and I use it and the next morning we have radiant complexion, I say it is magic, hehe...well, just to say that these products really work, they are great!


I am from Castro de Filabres (Almeria) and my testimony is the following: Diabetic, I did not have reserves of iron, high blood pressure, arthrosis, chronic gastritis. For many years taking a medication for my disease, operated on retina and gallbladder. I started to take medication to regulate the gallbladder which was removed in the operation. I have been taking medication for ten years to regulate the pancreas, diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure and blood sugar. Several years with laser vision to control the diabetic retinopathy. I had an operation of cataracts and after, once I recovered from the operation I was intervened seven years ago of retina on both eyes in the “Teknon Clinic” in Barcelona with very good results. I started to use COSOPT, eyestrain regulator. I found out the products through my daughter Carmen Martinez, EXIALOE distributor, in 2013. I started to take them, first the Munactive-10 and the Aloe Vera juice followed by Cuminaloe (HEALTH PACK) complete. Little by little my daughter was adding more products: the Omega 3 and Omega 6, the alkaline diet, the Artialoe and the Vitamin C. Later on, the Inmuno Aloe 5 during summer session and when I have needed it. After a week I had already started to feel the results and the improvement at an internal level. I did not have stomach, knee or bone discomforts, the tests done show the considerably improvement, low cholesterol, diabetes regulated, a reduction in insulin and the medication. The last electro results were perfect. I feel with more energy, and more courage. The diabetes is levelled. What I can say about these products is that they have given me my health back. Many thanks to Exialoe and to my daughter for the persistence that she has with me.


Hi everyone my name is Miguel García, I have been a distributor for one year and five months, I want to say that thanks to the economic crisis I found this job and I am pleased because we do not only get health but also a better economy and knowledge. My wife has suffered for many years from four vertebral disk prolapses and lately she was getting up from bed each day totally bended because of the pains, she could not tie the trainers to go for a walk I had to do it for her and she had to take different medicines and stomach protector for several years, since I became a distributor and she started to take ARTIALOE, VITAMIN C and to use the RELAX COLD GEL her quality of life has changed for the better without pains and without being bended, having a normal life and without contaminating her organism with the side effects of the medicines, thanks to Exialoe our life has changed for the better.


I take Artialoe, I am a distributor, two months in the business, I suffer from muscle and bone pains. I thought this product would not do anything, I was convinced of it. Now I can say that I was wrong, Artialoe is a wonder besides other products that I am consuming. I am very encouraged with the products and how not with the business, thanks.


In Winter I suffer from pain in the joints (rheumatoid arthritis), I was not taking anything to reduce the pain. This winter it was a more acute pain and a distributor told me about these products. I started to take the Artialoe vials and in four days...I cannot believe how well I feel. They have removed the pain, the inflammation has been reduced and I have much more mobility. I am really pleased!


I have my grandmother at home with Alzheimer for about 14 years. She has recently lost the little mobility she had in her legs and as a consequence when she sleeps she remains in the same position, so the hated sores have started to appear. Some are in a more advanced stage so the cares are being more specialized, but in other areas as in the back or the hip that are with the redness before the sore appear, we have applied the pure 95% Aloe Vera gel and the progress has been amazing. The improvement has been overnight. We hope we can slow down the sore problem with this gel.


My name is Juan Carlos, I wanted to briefly relate the story of my family and what is bringing me having become an Independent Distributor. I myself take the Aloe Vera juice, Vitamin C, Inmuno-5, Stevia sweetener and all the products of daily use. I do not have words to say how I feel. My wife is consumer of the products and she is very pleased. My oldest son who is 6 year old had a lot of dandruff and even had injuries in his head, with the antidandruff treatment is disappearing, he hardly has anything now. And I am now going to tell you about my little one who is two years old, he had a horrible dermatitis, at night time my wife had to put dressings on his neck as it was raw looking, I have pictures of it to show it. I started to bath him with the Aloe and Calendula Gel and after drying him we applied abundant All purpose cream on him, I would neither have words to explain how well he is now, all the products are a wonder and I am very proud of belonging to this big family. I congratulate the Exialoe team for the work that is done in the laboratory. Greetings for the entire “Aloito” group.


Some months ago, my wife Carmen twisted her ankle, suffering from a grade 2 sprain, according to the emergency doctor. It happened at about 11 am, she quickly applied the Relax Cold gel, that we were using before and the pain disappeared immediately. As she was not suffering from any pain, she did not look for someone who would take her to the emergency service, she waited for me to arrive from work to go to the hospital. This is my greatest experience with Exialoe, I also sometimes get up with my neck barely movable, due to my cervical vertebrae problem, disappearing the pain in just a few seconds and being able to continue with my daily life. In different occasions, an eczema appeared to my little girl in her leg and after applying several times during the day the 95% Gel, it disappeared without having to go to the doctor and having to take the unwanted medication.


Hi all that form the distributor’s net of Exialoe, I started in this great company back in 1999. In that time I was working as a mason’s helper besides it was winter, it coincide with very cold days in which I changed street to work clothing thinking that nothing could happen to me, and it did happen. After some days, in an afternoon, I was going to have a shower and when opening the water tap I realised that my skin was becoming raw looking and I was scared in that moment, it came to my mind a comment that a friend had told me about how good Aloe Vera is for skin problems. I called her and she gave me a bath gel with calendula and a body cream, that really was a blessing, I used to shower with warm water and with the calendula gel and after I applied the body cream and, it was very relieving. That is how I got to know Euroexito Aloe. Later on after having seen how good the products are, I wanted to become a distributor and I contacted through Internet with Ricardo from Barcelona, who signed me up as a distributor since then till today. The truth is that I have been trying all the products and I am pleased with all of them. When there is a new one I always try it to see how it works in me and then I recommend it to my clients. Thanks from my heart to this company and its effective products that I will never give them up.


Hi, I have been an Exialoe distributor since two months ago, I am very happy for having met this big family that we form here in Toledo. My experience besides being part of this big family has been with the 100% Aloe with Retinol, I use it every night in my face and hands, incredible, the age spots are disappearing. Besides, a wart had appeared in one hand, and it has disappeared, it is great. My life is involved around our products, each one better than the other. Really...thank you.


Thanks to my sponsor Natividad Paz I have got to know the Exialoe products. I am 62 year old, I have suffered for many years from chronic health problems. Fibromyalgia, Arthrosis, etc. with severe joint, muscle pains, throughout the body. I have been taking the pure Aloe Vera juice, Vitamin C, Inmuno Aloe 5, Ferro Aloe syrup, Artialoe vials,etc for two months. Since then I have noticed an improvement that I myself feel surprised of. I am starting to reduce the medication controlled by my doctor. I have a quality of life that I haven´t known in a long time. Thanks to Exialoe and to all that have made this possible and that many people can benefit from it.


Hello, my name is Gabriel and I would like to tell you about an unusual event. I have suffered from high blood pressure for several years with values of 14/9. I went to see the cardiologist and after having done the appropriate tests he concluded that my high blood pressure was due to stress. As I am another one of the many that are suffering the results of the crisis, I have continued with my high blood pressure and I have been reluctant to take the medicines to solve the problem. The unusual of my case is that when the sweetener Stevia was released I ordered it to give it to another people to try it and also for myself. The result is that I received the order on a Thursday and I started to take it with yogurt with the big surprise that on Saturday, I had the blood pressure 12/7. I could not believe it and, as you can imagine, I have been measuring the blood pressure and the values keep at 12/7. I am amazed of how quick the Stevia has worked. After looking for information on the Internet, I have read that is great for diabetes and blood pressure as I have told you. If any of the readers suffers from high blood pressure or diabetes, I encourage them to try Stevia, they will be greatly surprised. Greetings to all the Exialoe family and for each one who reads this experience.


Hello, my name is Mati, I have been a distributor since some months ago and I am very pleased. I have different experiences but today I am going to speak about just one, my mother’s. By taking the Aloe Vera juice she has her diabetes much better and the main thing is that she has been suffering the hot flashes of the menopause, she used (and I say used) to be very bad, she used to sweat a lot on her face feeling very bad, summer was bad for her, since she has been taking the Aloe Vera juice this summer, she has been much better and she has not sweated as much as she used to, she is very pleased and she cannot believe it. To finish and as an anecdote so you can see the difference, she has been using sleeveless dressing gowns for ten years, both in winter and summer, the other day she bought one with sleeves. And she continues using it, she says she is colder, haha... To be honest, I could never imagine this could happen.


I have been suffering from pain in my ears for two months. I could not go out to the street, it was horrible! At home I had to cover them because any breeze (including when opening the fridge) I felt it and it made that the pain was more severe. After many visits to the doctor and a CT, the doctors could not find what was provoking me that pain. I decided to take the Inmuno Aloe-5 and the pain disappeared after two days. I took two consecutive bottles of it as when the first one finished, the pain started again. After the second one the pain has completely disappeared. I am very happy with all the Exialoe products.


Hello, I have been a distributor since months ago. Well, like 20 days ago I wanted to try the Complex Xtevia Tea (I wanted to offer it from my own experience) to this day I have lost 5kg. I take the capsules before lunch and I go footing every two days, apart from that I walk on the street visiting, I guess I am another one else among all the people that try it, I am happy and grateful, especially for helping others to have a little bit of health. A hug for everyone.


Hello, I have a testimony with the Aloe Vera juice as my husband is having his teeth fixed and the dentist decided to take out seven pieces with the same anaesthetic that means the same day. He was putting compresses soaked in Aloe juice every two hours and to our surprise the next day he had his mouth quite healed and without any inflammation. He is very pleased and the dentist could not believe when he saw how good the gum was. Greetings to all who read this testimony


Hi everyone! I had been going to the orthopaedic surgeon for a few weeks because I was suffering from a bursitis in the elbow. I had a bandage put for a week and had to take antibiotics. The bandage was taken out and after three weeks taking antibiotics at the orthopaedic surgeon they saw that it had not been healed, but they told me that they would stop the antibiotics and it would be left under observation. I went to Madrid to a presentation that Exialoe was going to do and there I found out the Exialoe gels. I signed up as a distributor. I tried the 95% pure Aloe Vera in my bursitis, giving me some massages during the day, for 12 days. And the big news have been today when I have visited the orthopaedic surgeon for a check up and they have told me that the bursitis has been cured and they have asked me why had it been healed so I have told them and, they have taken note of it in their agenda. I am very glad that I went to the Exialoe presentation because the product has been of help both for the bursitis and also as I suffer from psoriasis, it leaves me the skin soft. Millions of thanks to Exialoe!


Hello, my name is Angeles, I am a distributor of the Aloe products and I have been taking the shakes for a year. I have lost 40kg, my blood tests are perfect and the endocrine tells me to continue taking them as they are very good for me so I wanted you to know about my testimony as we don´t have meetings in Mallorca to comment it. Greetings.


I have been consuming most of the Exialoe products for 15 years and I can ratify the high quality and the virtues of all of them. I have just become 67 years old and I have recently had some clinic tests. The family doctor is amazed with the results of them, all the parameters are within the normality and according to his own words as if they were of a 30 years old person. Greetings to all the Exialoe family.


The Aloes are great, Antioxi has a great taste, the Omegas are fantastic and the Royal Jelly strengthens and gives energy, you can see it from the very first box. I am person who is standing for many hours and the cold gel is great.


Hi friends, I have been a distributor for three years, I am still not 100% but I am placing orders, I think the products are fantastic, I haven´t had any problems with my clients only satisfactions for their use, besides as there is a wide range of products there are always products that one may be interested in. Thanks for everything and “OLE OLE” to Euroexito.


We joined Euroexito many years ago already. The main reason was to improve our health, especially my husband’s as he had the triglycerides very high and thanks to taking the Aloe Vera juice and the shakes, after a short time we saw the results. Nowadays he is within the normal parameters and our family has improved notably the quality of life by consuming the products. This experience encouraged us to start the business not only as sellers but also as independent entrepreneurs of Euro Éxito. Since then we dedicate 100% of our time without “being distracted by anything” that is not teaching and supporting our net so they can also succeed. I think we are getting it, and a proof of it is, that we win all the trips that the company organizes and that our cheque increases each month. The crisis does not exist for us and from here I encourage you to have the same opportunity that we had time ago, for which we want to thank our President Jose Lorenzo.


Hi everyone, the experience is not mine but of one of my clients who used to suffer anaemia and lack of iron for a long time. Although this girl had been taking Iron for a long time which as she says it caused her to experience nausea because of its special taste, the truth is that she could not overcome her problem. She finally contacted with me and I offered her the Exialoe Ferro syrup. After taking a bottle of it the results were amazing as she herself commented to me, she had a blood test done and the values for the B group vitamins and those of the iron were re-established in an almost magical way. I want to tell you that this girl is really happy of consuming this product and another ones, I encourage you if you know of anyone suffering from anaemia or lack of iron not to doubt in recommending it as the person will notice the results in a short time. Greetings to everyone.


Hello, my name is Raquel, I would like to tell you my experience, I have a daughter who is 11 years old and when she was on holidays with her grandparents she became ill with temperature and anginas, when she came home she did not have temperature as it had passed three days since she started feeling bad but she had the anginas very inflamed and with pupae inside, she was speaking nasalized because of the inflammation and I started giving her the Aloe Vera juice 1:1 and in three days she was recovered, we avoid giving her antibiotics thanks to the Aloe and to this day she keeps taking her daily doses not to get cold and she is really healthy. Regarding the craft soap with Aloe pulp is being great for blackheads and spots that are starting to appear to her, she washes with it and they quickly disappear. The relax cold gel is great, we were already using it before I became a distributor and now we can not be without it at home, we all use it, especially for the fibromyalgia pains, illness that I suffer, it is really good...and bye to the pain in the feet. I would also like to tell you that this year I have used the Exialoe sun products and in only three days I have a tan that I hadn´t had another years in a longer period, the after sun is great and it leaves you great skin. I encourage you to use them, your skin will thank you and you will see the quick results. GREETINGS TO ALL THE “EXIALOERS.


Hello, my name is Carmen and I suffer from polyarthritis, I have suffered very intense pains and I became desperate. Fortunately, my brother who is a distributor since time ago recommended me to use Aloe Vera (both at an internal and at an external level) I am very happy that I heard him, I now feel very well and I can have the life that I want to (for example, I like ridding on bicycle and on horse and because of the pains it was impossible to have these hobbies). Thanks for offering me the opportunity of telling my case. A warm greeting.


Hello, I have been an EXIALOE distributor since 11/7/07. I am very happy with the products that I have been taking such as: 100% pure Aloe Vera juice, Antioxi, Omega 3 and 6, the different shakes (vanilla, chocolate, coffee...), Inmuno Aloe-5, Shampoo, Mask and Conditioning cream, fixing gel, the new deodorant, Bath gel with Calendula, 95% Aloe Vera gel, hand cream, Body Milk, Tooth gel + Elixir 2 in 1, neutral body cream, Vaseline, Musk Rose oil and Aloe, Relax cold gel... And saying that spots that I had in my body are disappearing, my teeth are different and my mouth better, the curls of my hair... it looks incredible but they are growing! And the best of all: since the last blood test till now...bye to the CHOLESTEROL, perfect liver, what does the vaccine of the flu mean if we have INMUNO-5? I have lots of DEFENSES!, I should take two pills for the depression...but if I am now taking the juice, shake and the Inmuno-5 that already has royal jelly...what can the pills do for me with all the rubbish that they have? The truth is that there are some days that I do not take them and I also used to take fibre capsules (glucomannan), since I am in EXIALOE they are something from the past October last year I used to weight 74kg...and now...I have lost...17kg, all perfect and, also with the analytics. There is nothing better than feeling well with oneself! I give thanks to my family, to my little star and to those that have been by my side. To Encarna (my sponsor), to Ricardo Rodríguez and to the Doctor Gampel. The best of all...having always a nice smile. Making a dream of each day as dreams do not always come true. Thanks to all.


Well, the first that I want to say is thank you to all the Exialoe team, to Pedro Sánchez for giving me the opportunity of getting to know this big business and to its President Mr José Lorenzo, for the great human value that he has. I have to say that my daughter Ainhoa who is three years old, always used to be with a cold day in and day out. We started to give her a spoon of the feed syrup Inmuno Aloe-5 and that was a blessing, she does not have colds so frequently and the girl is really well. Also my daughter Noemi used to be with discomfort in her stomach, lack of appetite and bad breath. We started giving her Pineapple Aloe Vera juice and truly, she eats a bit more, that bad breath has disappeared and she feels really well. With this I want to say that we are very pleased with the products and how not, with being distributors. Exialoe has changed our lives and is helping us to help many families to be happy. I now live of this big business, (I am a distributor), and it is the present, my future and that of my family. To whoever reads this testimony, from my heart, I encourage you, it is a big opportunity both to be able to consume the products and to develop the Business. Thanks with the biggest humility and sincerity to this big family that is Exialoe and especially to its President Mr Jose Lorenzo, there is no people so human anymore. Thank you.


I told my uncle who weighed 117 kg all about the Exialoe energy shakes and the Luna tablets, he put into action and incredible, in one week and a half he lost 9 kg of weight, he also takes now the Royal jelly, Omega 3 and 6 and to this day he has already lost 22 kg! Aloe Vera really helps.


Hello, I would like to express my testimony about the Exialoe products, I had...yes, I had, spots on the face, thanks to the 95% Aloe Vera gel, they have disappeared and has left me a silkier skin. Besides, thanks to the Exialoe Energy shakes, especially the vanilla one (that I love) and to the Luna tablets, I have lost 10 kg in almost two and a half months, I feel really well and especially with a lot of energy. I have to say that due to my age, 43, I am taking to prevent the discomforts of the menopause the Omega 6 tablets and I feel good. I also use the cosmetics and I have to say that is great, my skin is thanking me and I am giving my body an incredible cocktail of health. I would like to say that I am Joaquin Lopez’s wife and he forgot to say in his testimony that apart from our daughters, he is taking the Royal Jelly, the Exialoe shakes (especially the chocolate and coffee ones), Exiomega 3 and we are both drinking daily our shot of cranberry juice. We are 100 % Exialoe. From here I want to say thanks from the heart to all the Exialoe family and especially to its President Mr Jose Lorenzo, they form a great human team. We are in the best Health and Beauty company and we are with the best ones. My family and I say thanks, our present and future are here.


Hello, my name is Noemí López, I am 8 and a half years old, my parents are Joaquin López and Pilar. I feel very proud that my parents are Exialoe distributors. I am taking the Aloe juice with pineapple flavour, it is really tasty and it is really good for me, I do not have so much pain in my stomach and I have better breath. Besides, I take my Vitamin C tablet and my Inmuno 5. I feel much better. I am not writing this, I am telling my dad how good I feel now that I am taking the products as also my sister Ahinoa who is almost 4 years old. I saw how my dad shared his testimony and I told him...can I say what I take? And he said, yes. This is my opinion with my dad´s help...I love them very much and I feel happy that they are Exialoe distributors...when I am big I would also like to become an Exialoe distributor and being like them.


Hello my name is Catalina, we have been taking the Exialoe products which we are very satisfied with, my husband and I are taking the Aloe juice and the Omega 6, we also take the Inmuno, although we don’t have any chronic disease we do control cholesterol as my husband´s some time ago was going up but since he’s been taking the Aloe and the Omegas it is regulated. Well, I want to say to all the persons that read these testimonies to be encouraged to consume and also to give it to another people, they will be grateful. Because it is great both to take it and to help other people. For that I want to say thanks to Jose Lorenzo, as company and, to Manuel Herrera for the help that gives me.


Hello, I am an Exialoe distributor, I am liking to work with these products a lot, they are very good, the shakes, face creams, pure Aloe, tooth paste, cold gel and many others. I have tried them all and they are giving me very good results, both to my clients and to me. I hope to sell many more products. Thanks to Exialoe for giving me the opportunity of working with you.


Hello, my name is Inma and despite the barriers that I have to have success in the business it has been already four springs that I have been taking the Aloe juice, Inmuno-5, Omegas 3 and 6, Ginkgo shakes, royal jelly. It is great for allergy and the nervous system, period. Antioxi, haemorrhoids, toothache. Toothpaste, my gum do not bleed. Shampoo, mask, fixing gel, it strenghtens and how nice. 95% gel for eccemas, warts, pimples. The relax cold gel likes to all the family. I want to say thanks for being always there every time I need them to Rafaela Herrera and Ricardo Rodríguez and especially to Rafi for the patience she had with me.


Hi Exialoe friends, we are above all consumers of the 100% natural products of this BIG company. It’s been five months since the Exialoe catalogue arrived to our hands informing us about the BLESSED PROPERTIES OF THE ALOE VERA. We started to take it and our lives were progressively changing, Belen my wife improves the FIBROMYALGIA AND LOSES WEIGHT, Maria Belen (9 years old) improves her GROWING problems (very tall for her age) and RESPIRATORY problems (thick tonsils and repeated colds) and me, Jose Ignacio, I have already lost 14 kg, I do not have JOINT AILMENTS and I HAVE GROWN A LOT AS A PERSON. We are DISTRIBUTORS (the 3 of us) because it is great to SEE how the people that we inform about the products and decide to consume them IMPROVE DAY BY DAY. MANY THANKS TO JOSE LORENZO FOR THE CREATION OF THIS GREAT HOUSE AND TO ALL THE PERSONS THAT DURING THIS TIME WE HAVE GOT TO MEET AND WE WILL MEET. A HUG AND ALL THE BEST TO ALL.


I am very happy of belonging to this world of the sale of Exialoe products. I have been here for a few years and I always try the products before selling or offering them and after I do the publicity. I have had a group of people for several years and they are all very happy. Thanks and till the next order.


Hello, my name is Gema. I am 40 years old and I am a distributor of the Exialoe products. I was diagnosed some years ago contact dermatitis in the hands. Thanks to the bath gel with calendula, using it as hand soap, I have managed that it totally disappears.


I have been a distributor of the Aloe Vera products for 12 years. During this period of time, I have had the sense in my flesh of having health and getting to live up to a pattern of life that we choose for our family. The daily intake of Aloe Vera in its various forms has been kept in the real form that is what we appreciate the most, our health. With this familiar business I have had the satisfaction of helping so many people that I truly forgot the number. Besides, I never forget that I have products of the highest quality and that I can always count on Euro Éxito to continue giving quality of life to a big number of people. Many thanks to all the team of this company that has changed my life and that of many to the better.


We all wish a successful life. To achieve it, it is essential to receive the right advice and to work in harmony with it. That is why thanks to the guidance that I received from Jose Lorenzo (President of Euro Éxito Aloe) I could reactivate my net of buyers and distributors that I had left forgotten due to some circumstances. Commitment, organisation and discipline, together with a good measure of healthy ambition it was what he suggested to me. “You keep going and you will reap what you sowed!” And that is what happened; to this day I have reactivated my net and it has given me great benefits both economic and personal. ALOE VERA REALLY HELPS EVERYONE. If you are or about to become a distributor of the Euro Éxito family. Go ahead!


Our testimony is about all the products, but in specific, the star product that is the relax cold gel, both to sell it as many clients ask for it as for personal use as sometimes I have contractures and/or swollen legs and it is really helpful. The Inmuno for my daughter is really good for her to increase the defences and then avoiding that she gets a cold. The shake, juice, Omega 3 and 6 to help us lose weight. The toothpaste, my husband used to have bleeding gums and since he is using this has stopped. Our shampoo, conditioner, gels, etc... We have absolutely everything of Aloe Vera at home, we could say that our house is the headquarters of the Exialoe factory. The business is getting better as the people like the quality and for this reason they are buying us more often. And regarding work, due to the employment situation existent in the country, people are encouraged because it has great and unbeatable commissions apart from doing good to others.


I am a distributor of Euro Éxito Aloe, of what I am very satisfied. Because of my health, thanks to the nutrition products, especially the Aloe juice and the Ginkgo shake, I have been able to solve an old problem of diverticula and another one of vasculitis that normally affects the legs due to the peripheral microcirculation. To be honest I have to say that at my 68 years of age I dance salsa and country and if this was not enough to be happy, my economy is substantially improving thanks to the system that the company offers us.


I have been a distributor of Exialoe for some months and my intention is this to become my definite work. I have all the freedom that I need and products that have me totally hooked and each day more and more. It is a pleasure to discover and to experiment in oneself how all those properties and applications that I am reading that the Aloe Vera has are being confirmed day by day. Indeed, it is not about exaggerating neither about deceiving marketing techniques to sell, absolutely not. I have personal experiences and of my immediate family with the 95% gel before cold sores, athlete´s foot (fungus), conjunctivitis, small wounds, eczemas, burns, diaper rash, etc...It is amazing to test that it really works. Aloe Vera is simply great, and I have to give thanks to Exialoe for the opportunity that is giving me of enjoying its benefits in both my health and at an economic level. Thank you Exialoe.


I have been a distributor of Euro Éxito for about 10 months and thanks to its products and to its staff I have been able to relieve different diseases that me and some members of my family have had: for example, asthma, cystitis, anaemia, eczema, fibromyalgia, chronic ulcerative colitis, etc. At the same time that I have seen how my income has been growing, I have met great people that like me have been praising the beneficial properties of this great and miraculous plant.


I started to take the Exialoe products in February 2004 after attending a meeting where the Doctor Gampel was speaking about the benefits of the Aloe Vera and where people who were taking the products were giving their testimony. In that moment I was suffering from renal colics and I was recommended to take Royal Jelly and Aloe Vera juice, these helped me to avoid the fluid retention and to eliminate them without having to drink so much water and to get better. I also suffer from fibromyalgia (generalised rheumatic pain) which prevents you to do everything as before and as a consequence you feel depressed. I started to take the shakes with Ginkgo and this helped me to get up earlier as I feel more energised and I feel better. I overcame depression and I lost 8 kg that I had over and I feel much better. Thanks Exialoe!


Hello, my name is Montse, I am 69 years old. I was diagnosed with CHRONIC LEUKAEMIA five and a half years ago. Before having detected this disease I had been taking the “Aloe Vera juice” for three months. I told the doctor that I was taking this and he told me not to give up taking it for the rest of my life. Without following any special treatment and having a surgical intervention in one of my breasts two years ago, the Leukaemia is currently cured, thanks to the Aloe Vera of Euro Éxito, to the Inmuno-5 and to the protein shake. I do not only consume this nutritional products but I also use the cosmetics and daily use. From here I want to say thanks to Ricardo Rodríguez for giving me the opportunity of getting to know the products, for his endless help and his human quality. Thanks to the Euro Éxito products I am well and I am a normal person!

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