ISO 22716 Standard - Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetic Products

Companies engaged in the manufacturing of cosmetic products are required to comply with a set of good practices applicable to them. However, this does not imply following a process for certification.

EURO ÉXITO ALOE S.L., in its pursuit of continuous improvement, has decided to make an effort to achieve it due to the significant benefits it brings.

What are the advantages of obtaining the ISO 22716 certification in Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetic Products?

  • Establish a thorough control of the manufacturing process of cosmetic products.
  • Ensure quality control at all stages of the process: production, storage, preservation, and shipment.
  • Improve levels of management, control, organization, and planning within the organization.
  • Provide maximum safety for consumers.
  • Build trust among consumers.
  • Comply with EU regulations.
  • Ensure that the organization complies with the required good manufacturing practices for cosmetic products.

The scope of this standard is for activities related to "Design, manufacturing, and marketing of cosmetic products."

You can view the certificate by clicking here.

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