The IASC, or International Aloe Science Council, is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the science and use of aloe vera. IASC was founded in 1980 and has members from around the world, including aloe vera producers, processors, researchers, and consumers.

IASC has developed a quality standard for aloe vera, known as the "IASC Aloe Vera Quality Standard". This standard sets the minimum requirements that aloe vera products must meet to be certified by the IASC.

The requirements of the IASC Aloe Vera Quality Standard include:

- Aloe vera must be sustainably grown, using practices that protect the environment and human health.

- Aloe vera must be processed appropriately to preserve its beneficial properties.

- The aloe vera product must meet established microbiological requirements.

- Preventing any company from using incorrect or hypothetical scientific data in the promotion of their products.

- Ensuring that packaging indicates the correct percentage of Aloe content in the product.

Aloe vera products that meet the IASC Aloe Vera Quality Standard bear the IASC seal. This seal is a guarantee that the product is of high quality and complies with the requirements set by the IASC.

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