Is it possible to sell the products in shops?

Being direct selling no EXIALOE product can be exposed at shops or display windows. This provides equal opportunities and prevents that the clientele from other distributors in the area is removed. What can be done is to sell to the owner or person in charge or to make him a distributor so he can use or provide the products and talk about their properties personally to their customers.

May I grow my business online?

You can advertise yourself as an Independent Distributor of aloe vera's high quality products. You can also create a website where to publish matters related to your organization, such as meetings, own testimonials, etc. For all related to products or selling products you should direct them to the official website of Euro Éxito. It is forbidden to exhibit pictures of the products and sell them by any means of internet. Those interested should leave their data so that you may get in touch. Neither can be used the brand Exialoe or the name Euro Éxito Aloe, Ltd. You can announce yourself as an independent distributor of Exialoe, it means that if you make mention of Exialoe should always be accompanied by the phrase "independent distributor". And if you use the independent distributor logo, it must keep the proportions, as in the example shown next: Independent Distributor Logo

How do I get the promotional code?

If you are an individual customer, the person who introduced you the Exialoe products must provide you the promo code.

If you are already a distributor, you can find it in the "Distributors Area", section “My personal information”.

I am distributor. What should I do to buy with my discount?

Click on "Login", indicate your e-mail and password, and you can already buy with the prices for your rate as distributor.

I want to become a distributor, how do I sign up?

You have to ask for the distributor’s kit to the person who got you in touch with us.

If he can’t give it to you personally, then you must register on the website using the promotional code that this distributor will provide you.

What is the promotional code?

It is the code with whom your customers can enter and buy on the website If they make an order, we will send it directly from our offices. These orders will appear in your royalties.

Why appears the public price in my order if I am a distributor?

Because the site has not recognized you. First go to "Login", identify yourself and then return to Shop or Cart and your discount will be updated.

I don't remember my password, how I can recover it?

Click on "Login", then click on "Forgot Your Password?" and follow the instructions to obtain your new password.

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